In this article we are briefly going to explain to you what a bad beat is.

A bad beat occurs when against all odds an opponent hits his miracle card and ends up beating you off the hand. It happens all the time in Internet Poker, hour after hour, day after day. You get good runs and bad runs when every single draw hits in favour of your opponent/s and none hit for you.

An awful beat is when an opponent hits a real long shot to make his hand by hitting running cards on the turn and river to beat you, or one of two cards that could land him the winning hand. These are quite rare and incredibly frustrating, especially if you know you are a better poker player than your opponent.

”More money is lost by players reacting badly to a bad beat then by the bad beats themselves”.

Stay calm and try not to lose your temper. Do not think you are uniquely unlucky-you are not. It happens to everyone for a greater or lesser extent of their entire Poker-playing careers. If you continue to stay calm and to play in a patient and disciplined manner, you will overcome the bad beats and still emerge a winner. You wanted a bad player to call your bet with only the fraction of a chance of winning, because when he does it next time and the time after that you will win his money.

Most players get angry when playing against loose fishy (a player who stays in the pot hoping to catch the right cards to create a winning hand against the odds) players that they start raising more, calling more bets, trying to bully the bad player off hands. They forget all their hard, patient work and just go stark raving mad. This is known as going “On Tilt”, and it is one of the most costly mental states in which you could find yourself. If your opponent has aggravated you beyond words with his poor play and miracle cards, click the “Sit out Next Hand” box, get out of your chair and have a cold drink, breathe in some fresh air, and thump a pillow. Then return to the table and plan patiently and carefully how to improve your game play going forward.

A string of bad beats can last for hours, weeks, or even months. This is completely within the expected variance of probability and should not be considered any reason to doubt the honesty of the online Poker room.

Always bear in mind: you want your opponents to make bad calls against you-this is how you make your money. However, they will hit their cards sometimes and you must be prepared for that. Do not let their luck change your resolution to play tightly and aggressively in a disciplined manner. By the way this brings us to another crucial point and ties in with the above. Do not assume that your superior skill will result in profits quickly.

When you play cash games online, rather opt to play low-mid stakes, because this enables you to have consistent profits. It’s better to wager in an unstressed, relaxing, and enjoyable environment as opposed to battling every single hand. Even if you’re the strongest player at the table it does not necessarily guarantee you winning. The cards may be cold, you may get unlucky for two or three big hands, you might have underestimated an opponent, or your premium hands may be diluted by multiple callers. For example:

If you hold A♠ A♦, and you get one caller your chances of winning this hand is approximately 80 percent. But, if you get three callers your chances of a win is 50 percent. With four callers the odds are stacked against you to win the hand. So, if you are at a table where everyone calls everything, your great cards are less stronger than usual and you may have to adjust your style to win. Be patient: passive, poor poker players will lose their money eventually.

Always remember remain patient through the good and bad times-the most patient player will end up with the biggest profits.