Money management tips for craps players
Craps Money Management

To be able to weather the spells of both good and bad luck associated with a random craps game-take an adequate amount of cash with you to the table,  don’t blow your entire bankroll the moment things don’t go your way.

Craps Money Management

The best method of assessing your bankroll requirement is to multiply the Line Bet you intend to make by 75. In layman’s terms it means if you’re planning to wager $5 on the Line, you should arrive at the table with at least $375; for 10 Line Bets $750 and so on.

Even though you are playing an almost even-money game, there’s always the distinct possibility that you could lose your entire bankroll in a single session from time to time. On the flip side of the coin, you could also double your entire bankroll in some sessions. When playing craps at internet casinos you must be prepared for any unpredictable variances that may occur.

Key Take Aways

  • If you lose your session bankroll quickly, do not be tempted to change any more money.
  • Walk away from the table (when wagering at land-based casinos) or exit the internet casino you’re playing at. Have a coffee or a cool drink and try your luck at another table or casino. If you encounter a hot Shooter early on, lock away 50 percent of your profit from that hot roll and do not touch it again. If you do this you cannot leave the table a loser.
  • Always remember, that the dice have no memory and if they were hot once they may be cold now and vice versa. The most off-putting thing to do is to part with a hot roll at the start of your session, just to squander all your cash trying to repeat the success you had previously. Be wary after a hot roll that your adrenalin will be pumping and the urge to wager huge bets will be very strong. Resist it, take stock of what you have, lock away half of all your profits and then start in a modest way again.

Players who wish to have their play on the craps table rated for comps should be warned that most casinos don’t factor in the odds when measuring the average bet. But the good news is that a few do.