In today’s competitive gambling world it can only stand you in good stead if you familiarize yourself with internet gambling. This is why we’ve decided to write a few articles that gives a brief explanation of the various affiliate programs and their owners.

Casino affiliate programs normally have a couple of online casinos within their stable. In turn these affiliate programs approach affiliates to market their brands by offering them a revenue share deal or CPA (Cost per Acquisition). It’s up to the affiliate to direct traffic to a casino.

To be successful, the affiliate must have the ability to send traffic to a cluster of casinos that belong to a specific affiliate program. The affiliate also known as the webmaster is the owner of a portal casino or it can be a group of people operating and managing their own independent portals.

What is a Portal Casino?

A portal casino is a conduit through which players are referred to the online casino. This is accomplished by means of banners or links advertised on the website of the portal casino. The affiliate program keeps track of the amount of players sent. In turn the affiliate receives a commission on player losses. Due to the exorbitant costs of starting up an affiliate program, most online casinos approach established affiliates to partner with.

Not all affiliate programs are reputable and there have been cases where affiliates have been “shaved”. What is shaving? When an affiliate program does not pay the commission due to the affiliate. We believe if an affiliate program can shave its affiliates it can also shave its players. This is one of the main reasons why we only work with reputable programs with a proven track record.

Industry Approval

How do I choose an affiliate program? Look for casinos that have been in operation for many years normally they run successful programs. If they have received any reward/s, these are normally posted on their homepage, or in their ”About Us” section.

Affiliate Testimonials

Many affiliate programs post the comments of the webmasters on their sites in a special ”Testimonial” section. At times they can be bias since the program will only post the best comments. You can glean some information about a site from the stories told by its partners. Although they’re not the best yardstick for gauging an affiliate program, they also serve as starting point for players not sure at which site to wager at. 

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