Interview with Carol Jean Goodridge of 7 Sultans

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Last Updated: September 4, 2014
Carol Jean Goodridge, Casino Manager of 7 Sultans
Carol Jean Goodridge of 7 Sultans

I am a 57 year old woman from Brisbane, Australia. I am happily married with four kids who are the love of my life. Although I am not a writer by trade, I have been employed in the online casino industry for over a decade and have a vast amount of experience. I experienced the good and bad of the industry and can testify to the problems and triumphs of the industry as a whole.

What makes 7Sultans Casino so unique?

7Sultans is an Arabian adventure themed online casino with a great opening offer. As a member of the Fortune Lounge group of casinos, 7Sultans has the pedigree and backing of an established and recognized casino group. With a wide range of game options, deposit and withdrawal methods and supported languages the casino sets an industry standard that many starting out can strive to emulate.   

Can you list the various promotional offers 7Sultans offers new and current customers? Does the internet casino reward loyal players?

The casino has a generous €/£/$1,000 New Player Welcome Bonus. The welcome offer is a three part deposit match bonus that sees players receiving up to €/£/$1,000 free.

Players will also receive weekly and monthly promotion offers that could include anything from Free Spins to deposit matches and real world prizes like iPads, Amazon Kindles and more. The Fortune Lounge group casinos also hold the International Casino Games with the top 50 players being treated to a week on a cruise with a partner.

The Casino does offer a loyalty program that sees players earning loyalty points for every wager they maker. As players earn loyalty points they will climb a tiered system that will see their rewards multiple as they climb. 

In your experience what's the biggest mistake first time players make when they accept the deposit bonus or any other bonus offer?

It is an unfortunate habit that many people do not adequately read through the Terms and Conditions of many services they enter into. When it comes to accepting online casino bonuses, many players do not adequately read though casino Terms and conditions and the wagering requirements that pertain to the bonus they have received. 

In which jurisdiction is 7Sultans Casino licensed? Is it a whitelisted jurisdiction and why would you say so?

7Sultans is registered with the Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta.

The authority is responsible for the regulation of Amusement Machines, Broadcasting Media games, Casinos, Commercial Bingo Halls, Commercial Communication games, the National lottery, Non-Profit games and Remote Gaming under which Fortune Lounge group and 7Sultans falls.

In addition, Malta was one of the first jurisdictions to achieve White Listing and was seen as a relative coup over many larger jurisdictions. Being licensed in a White Listed jurisdiction, 7Sultans is allowed to advertise and market gaming products in the UK while avoiding harsh penalties imposed on casinos registered in non-White Listed jurisdictions.

Which software provider powers 7Sultans? How many games does it offer and how would you describe the game graphics and animations?

7Sultans makes use of casino software provided by Microgaming. As the world’s largest provider of online gaming software, Microgaming has been in the industry for almost two decades and has become one of the most respected software providers in the industry. The company offers more than 600 game options, of which 7Sultans makes use of over 500. Microgaming has a wide variety of game graphics and animations, from the spectacular animation of The Dark Knight, to the simplicity of a classic three reel slot. 

Does the site adhere to responsible gaming principles? Can you name them please?

7Sultans adheres to eCOGRA’s responsible gaming requirements and displays the eCOGRA “Safe and Fair” stamp of approval on their website. The London-based international accredited testing agency is a globally recognized regulator of player protection and standards. The company enforces its requirements through onsite reviews and continuous monitoring. The eCOGRA “Safe and Fair” stamp of approval is not only recognized as an affirmation of a casinos legitimacy by industry experts but by players too.  

Which deposit and withdrawal options are popular with players? What is the maximum weekly withdrawal limit? How long does it take before a withdrawal is cleared?

7Sultans has a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods to choose from.
The most popular deposit methods are:
Credit cards
Debit cards
The most popular withdrawal methods are:
Credit cards

When withdrawing from 7Sultans, the withdrawal method and withdrawal currency will dictate both daily withdrawal limits and the time it will take for the transfer to clear.

When using a credit card, it will take three to five business days for the transfer to clear. In addition, the daily withdrawal limits based on currency are as follows:
USD – 40,000
GBP – 20,000
CAD – 43,000
AUD – 45,000
EUR – 80,000
CHF – 45,000

The above clearance time and daily withdrawal limits are applicable to credit cards only. If players use alternative withdrawal methods these figures can be greatly improved.

In the event a player has a dispute with 7Sultans which procedure/s must the player follow?

As a member of the Fortune Lounge group of casinos, 7Sultans takes any player dispute seriously. It attempts to resolve any dispute quickly and to the satisfaction of the player, evident by their award winning customer service department.
Any player that is not able to resolve their disputes are encouraged to lodge their grievances with the Lotteries and Gamin Authority. To do so, they can send their complaints in writing to [email protected]

Where do most of 7Sultans' players come from? The biggest payout the site paid out recently and on which game was it?

7Sultans attracts players from all corners of the world. However, due to various legislative issues they do not operate in territories that ban online gaming, territories like the US.

The internet casino has a significant presence in Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe and Canada and is making impressive inroads into South America.

The casino recently had a €171,176 payout on the progressive slot Treasure Nile. Rafal K, the lucky winner, got his lucky break on 3 June.

What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you during your employment in the online casino industry?

The funniest and possibly most memorable moment I experienced in my career was when I first started in the industry and was working as a support agent. I had a call from a cute old lady, from the UK, that must have been well into her 90s and loved playing bingo online. She called me because she was having trouble logging into the casino software and wanted help.

I sprang into action and went through solutions for the most frequent problems we encounter with players having trouble logging in. However, after half an hour I still had not had any luck helping the little old lady. At this point I asked her to describe what she was seeing on the screen, her answer was its black. Turns out that it had taken me over half an hour to figure out that she had not even turned on her computer on.

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