If you enjoy playing slots machines then this section is just for you. I’ve reviewed the best Betsoft, Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech slots. Playing slots just like any other format of gambling should be seen as a form of entertainment. I’m an avid slots player since I enjoy the ”bells and whistles” especially those that feature in the Netent slots. The game graphics are of the highest quality and each game comes with its own unique theme.

Many video slots machines look identical but they are not. They differ a lot in terms of return percentages and strategies. When choosing a slots machine to play, always take its average payout percentage into account. For instance, why play a game that offers a payout of 91% if you can play one that offers 98%?

The online casinos we’ve teamed up with offer a myriad of games of which slot machines are the majority. They offer multi-coin options of up to 90 coins. At 25 cents per coin, it can get quite expensive, with 90 coin wagers being the equivalent to $22.50 per spin, ideal for high rollers. Penny pinchers can wager between 0.25 cents up to 0.8 cents per spin.

If you decided to play a game make sure you understand its payout table. Before you start playing for real money I suggest you play the game for free. Not only will it give you an insight into the game’s graphics and rules but when the bonus round (free spins) is triggered. When playing a slots machine don’t be hasty-believe me I speak from experience. Make sure you choose the correct coin denomination before you press the spin button. It happened to me once I thought I clicked on a coin denomination of 0.80 cents per spin instead I clicked on $20 per spin.

A question that many players normally ask is are the games fair? In other words are they not rigged? To the best of my knowledge I sincerely believe that they are fair. Rest assured that a reputable operator won’t stake its reputation and they keep up to 75 percent of all the cash that is deposited. This translates into an average house edge of 25% for all its slots machines combined. For every dollar you deposit, the casino keeps a quarter, either by rake (as in poker rooms) or by the built-in house edge on the games it offers.