Online Gambling: How To Execute Market Creating Strategies

Women using a laptop to gamble online.

In America, corporate performance has been deteriorating for decades. According to Deloitte’s landmark study The Shift Index, the aggregate return on assets of U.S public companies has fallen below 1%, to about a quarter of its 1965 level.

Market power has moved from companies to consumers, global competition has intensified, managers in almost every industry must now face these steep performance challenges. To turn things around, they need to be more creative in developing and executing their competitive strategies. Despite the global recession, online gambling has grown from strength to strength year in and year out.

”German research group Statista predicts that by the end of 2015 the global online gaming market will have grown to $41.4 billion, according to a report late last month from TechFruit.”

Long-term success will not be achieved through competitiveness alone. This depends on the ability to generate new demand, to create and capture new …

World Cup Rugby: All Blacks Plan To Counter Springbok Maul

Kieran Read, All Blacks number 8.

Kieran Read, All Blacks number eight said they realize that the lineouts are not going to win them the match against the Boks on Saturday. During the Rugby Championships earlier this year, Kiwi captain, Richie McCaw scored a try in the 74th minute via a superb lineout movement that won them the game 27-20.

Read said they plan on using it again but only if New Zealand is dominant in the lineouts. Many feel that McCaw was offside and should have been penalized. Read is of the opinion that Saturday’s semi-final at Twickenham will pose new challenges. ”We’re going to stick to our guns and play the best possible rugby.”

All Blacks Aim To Counter Boks Maul

The All Blacks are fully aware that the Boks’ maul is one of their greatest weapons and they intend to ”neutralize” it. South Africa’s strength is their incredible pack of forwards. As such …

Rugby World Cup: Boks Not Afraid Of All Blacks

Springboks versus the All Blacks

Jannie Du Plessis may be a doctor of medicine but he also likes to dabble in psychology. He explains why the Springboks respect the All Blacks but don’t fear them. They play against the Kiwi’s in Saturday’s World Cup Rugby semi-final clash at Twickenham.

”Of course you’ve got to respect the All Blacks since their record speaks for itself. Unfortunately, I’ve been on the receiving end of a few tight games against them in the past four years, regrettably, because every time you try your utmost they manage to beat us towards the end. That’s a quality of a good side,” he said.

”We’ve been playing with our backs against the wall for the last few weeks, we had to deal with immense pressure and fortunately for the team we stuck together and to our guns. Fortunately for us it come off. I believe that with the same mindset we …

Captain Resilient Retires From International Rugby

Jean de Villers, recently retired from international rugby.

Springbok veteran Jean de Villiers retired from international rugby recently. In this article I’m going to look back at his explosive talent and the injuries he sustained during his illustrious career.

How is it possible that one of the most talented Springboks of all time always had to leave the field with some injury or another? Why did he walk off with a cracked jaw, ribs or fractured muscle in every Rugby World Cup (RWC) tournament he took part in? Experts reckon it’s because Jean de Villiers was brilliant at the game. In fact, what catapulted the 34-year old Bok to the stratosphere is the very thing that caused him to retire from the game.

”Jean was an unusually explosive player from the start,” former Springbok centre Dr Brendan Venter said. Explosive players are faster and more powerful than other players. Think of a guy like Brian O’ Driscoll. If …

Cyber Gambling: The Importance Of Partners

A business thrives with good partners.

Choosing the right partners is key to a successful business. Innovative partnership models is one way to stay ahead of the competition.

If one has a look at the online gambling niche it goes without saying that it’s a very competitive industry. Every company within the industry owes its success to an ecosystem that spreads beyond the scope of its employees. Let’s begin with the players, without visitors there’s no point in producing quality articles like casino and game reviews, how-to-guides and general tips about gambling.

For this business ecosystem goes beyond the normal chain of just signing up players that most portal casinos rely on. The company relies on its personnel to develop additional services that sit on top of its core gambling offerings. In recent years consumers have become hooked on gaming, transacting and downloading entertainment, while businesses in general need apps to make their products and …

Reality Check From Eddie Jones

Japanese Rugby Emblem, The Cherry Blossom.

Japanese coach Eddie Jones fired a stunning broadside at the Asian nation’s rugby board by accusing it of holding back the sport. He said that under the current Japanese structures the ‘Brave Blossoms’ will never be a world class team.

Jones led Japan to their greatest rugby triumph just over a week ago, 34-32 win over the Springboks which prompted 20 million Japanese to tune in to their next match against Scotland, a 45-10 defeat. The win over South Africa was lauded as Japan’s ‘coming of age’ as a rugby nation by rugby pundits the world over. However, Jones does not share their sentiment about the 2019 World Cup host’s prospects.

Why Japan Will Never Be A Great Rugby Nation

“The legacy now is how the Japan Rugby Football Union uses the win and how strong the are in developing good coaching systems and improving infrastructure to go forward,” the …

How Technology Changed Online Gambling

Micro Chips, how technology changed online gambling.

Ten to one you’ve heard the quote made by Niels Bohr, ”Technology advanced more in the last thirty years than in the previous two thousand.” This same quote could not be further from the truth especially when it comes to gambling.

In today’s gambling environment there’s more casino game versions than ever before; better visuals, audio enhancements and obviously more confusion when playing the games. What it means is that there’s much more to learn when internet gambling first started out in 1994. If you’re a serious gambler you can’t rest on your laurels any more; you must understand its pitfalls and employ the correct game strategy coupled with discipline.

Game designers work around the clock to develop new games that will catch the attention of players and at the same token grab their money. Each new game comes with its own playing strategy, own odds and most off them …

World Cup Rugby: Vermeulen Says Bring It On

2015 Rugby World Cup

If there’s one player that can make an impact on Saturday’s World Cup Rugby clash against Samoa, it’s Duane Vermeulen. If he’s in the team it’s a different Springbok team altogether.

Having sustained a serious neck injury it won’t come as a surprise if Meyer replaces Vermeulen towards the latter end of the second half. Vermeulen said he itches to be on the park again and looks forward to a bruising encounter. He said that he’s not afraid to play against one of the most physical teams in the tournament. ”I’m ready, bring it on”.

A Must Win Match

Saturday’s match is the burly number eight’s first test match this year, he hasn’t played a single game since he injured his neck. Vermeulen is hailed by many as a strong leader who leads by example and brings a lot of physicality to the table. At a glance he looks in …

How Changing Environment Impacts Online Casinos

The world's business environment nchanged drastically after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

In this article I’m going to discuss environmental change and the impact it can have on a cyber casino. Business organisations and society, or more to the point, the environment in which they operate depend on each other.

This mutual dependence entails a complex relationship between the two. This relationship increases in complexity when certain variables such as technological innvovation, economic or political events comes into play. The 1970s were characterised by oil price and energy shocks. The 1980s experienced a shift from local to global business, and fierce competition from Japan and other Asian countries. And in the 1990s, new ways of communication from fax machines to the Internet, revolutionised the ways in which a business operated.

During the latter part of the 1990s Western countries enjoyed the longest ever economic boom. Sadly, this era ended abruptly on 11 September 2001 with the terrorist attack on the World Trade …

Rugby Championship Ellis Park: Can The Springboks Trump The Mighty All Blacks?

Rugby championships, Ellis Park South Africa. the Springboks versus the All Blacks

The Springboks are welcoming the All Blacks in their Rugby Championship at Emirates Airlines Park (former Ellis Park) this weekend and bracing themselves for an all out scrum war.

Pieter de Villiers, Springbok scrum couch said that it’s going to be a tough battle upfront. Aside from the mutual respect between the world’s top two rugby teams come Saturday there will be no love lost.

He said that the All Blacks had a great scrum for many years now and to underestimate them in this department would be a serious error. In their previous encounter South Africa won 27-25, a titanic battle in which the home side made a fast start but the All Blacks upped their tempo and piled on the pressure in the closing stages.

If the Springboks want to beat the All Blacks it’s important that they get the basics right. Although the Boks were less impressive …