What Does A Cyber Gambling Agreement Entail?

Players have to agree on a casinos terms and conditions before playing.

Most online casinos require that the player agrees to its terms of service before they’re allowed to play on the site.

The terms of agreement outlines the contractual relationship between the player and the operator. It entails the use of data, dispute resolution, eligibility to wager on the site, game rules, deposit and withdrawal methods, promotional offers and so forth. The Isle of Man and Malta rules do not require players to agree to the terms and conditions as a prerequisite to completing the registration process.

Alderney states that an operator must include the following in its terms: dispute procedures, self-imposed limits, self-exclusion, explanation of fees, credit terms, age verification, identity and clarity when it comes to the explanation of the rules. Before a player can play at an Alderney or Nevada licensed operator, they must agree to the terms and conditions first.

1. Controls And Player Account Registration

White-listed …

Is It Safe To Use Bitcoins To Gamble Online?

Is using bitcoin safe.

Many online casinos are beginning to use Bitcoin as an electronic payment. The crypto currency is still regarded by many as a controversial payment method since there’s a fair amount of anonymity involved.

Bitcoin the currency should not be confused with bitcoin the payment system. While some aspects of Bitcoin deserves praise, the manner in which users spend it means that it’s still not suitable for use by Internet gaming operators in a controlled and monitored market place.

History Of Bitcoin

It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Some experts reckon that its a pseudonym for a talented computer coder or a team of coders. This non-fiat currency is controlled entirely by software. Within the next 20 years a total of 21 million bitcoins will be released by the software.

Through a process resembling a lottery, coins are distributed every 10 minutes. The lottery is played over and over by bitcoin …

Why Casino Affiliates Distrust Affiliate Programs

Betsson affiliate Manager accused of 'retagging' players.

The forum at GPWA has been abuzz lately unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. One of the hot topics at the forum entails former Betsson Casino affiliate manager, Christiaan Alexander Van Dalen.

He (Van Dalen) allegedly de-tagged the players affiliates referred to the operator, siphoned them off to his own portal casinos and received a commission on them. As such it prompted me to write a letter to Per Eriksson, CEO of Net Entertainment.

In my email to him I stressed that the stats reports most affiliate programs provide affiliates with are questionable at best. Please note, I’m referring specifically to the NetEnt software since it’s one of the vendors used by Betsson Casino. Many casinos partner with multiple platforms nowadays. The emphasis here is on transparency and honesty. To put it blunt, affiliates have reached a stage where they’re tired of being shafted by unscrupulous programs. Ask any …

Why iGaming Regulators Must Protect Player Funds

Keep an eye on players funds.

Safeguarding customer funds is fundamental to the integrity of remote gambling operations. Players will always be concerned whether their funds will be safe with the operator or not. Issues of trust and security are critical to a well-regulated industry.

There’s a certain amount of risks involved when depositing funds with an online gambling site. An infamous high-profile case that comes to mind is the Full Tilt Poker debacle. Jurisdictions like Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Malta have imposed stricter regulatory measures to minimize the potential loss of customer funds at the hands of unscrupulous operators.

Imposing General Licensing Principles

Licensing principles that underpin most remote gambling regulatory regimes is the protection of the consumer, fairness and transparency in gambling. The crux of the matter it’s directed at minimizing criminal involvement within the industry. Several interrelated elements exist that helps to curb the loss of player funds. Before a license …

Various Online Casino Staff and Their Responsibility

An online gaming business is made up of a myriad of employees.

Setting up an online casino might look easy to some people but it’s not. It’s a laborious and intensive process where the owners must jump through a myriad of legal hoops before a jurisdiction grants a license.

In this article I’m going to discuss the various staff that’s involved in running a cyber casino and each persons responsibility within the company.

Key Employees/CEO Hardware and Software Technicians Technical Support and Operations Personnel Customer Support Fraud and Surveillance Marketing Employees Finance and Accounting Internal Audit Non-Gaming Staff Directors Shareholders 1. Key Employees/CEO

At the helm of the web casino is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO manages all gaming operations, ensures efficiency of the company’s website, establishes internal policies and rules.

”John Geenen, current CEO of the brand has proven himself to be an expert in the field of SEO, brand development, website traffic growth and affiliate marketing.” Fruity Casa …

Online Casino Basic Licensing Principles

Malta issues reputable operator licenses.

The licensing process of an operator entails five important factors: width, depth, detailed review, criteria and standards. In this article I’m going to give a short overview of each. These barriers can be problematic as they relate to providers of goods and services.

The aforementioned factors may discourage some online casinos, especially when it comes to the disclosure of certain information in the licensing process. In layman’s terms; the more efficient regulation, the more it accomplishes key policy goals which has an impact on a free market economy.

Nuts and Bolts of The Licensing Process 1. Width

This is the extent to which a government requires individuals or entities associated with the gaming industry to obtain a license. For example, must a processing company that handles the payment processing solutions for the internet gaming site apply for a license?

2. Depth of licensing

It’s the extent to which a government …

Why It’s Important To Build Quality Links

Linked websites

In a crowded market place such as online gambling, every single portal casino is forever searching for links; not just any link but links from authoritative sites.

In this article I’m going to give a brief overview about the history of links and how to attract quality links to your site.

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when Google did not exist on the Web. A time when one could simply type in a few words into the search box and all manner of content and keywords would pop up. In principle, this is how most websites are found on the World Wide Web, which continues to grow at a prodigious pace every day.

The more websites we built in the past, the better we became at it. However, a vital component to these sites were still missing: traffic. Building websites wasn’t the hard part of the …

10 Ways To Grow Leaders Within Your Portal Casino

Leaders qualities

Do you want to be a top-performing portal casino unbeaten by the competition? Although it’s essential to have a sound knowledge of SEO and quality content writers, it’s outside the ambit of this article. Instead, I’m going to discuss why it’s important to have strong leaders and ten effective ways to grow them.

There are many reasons why organizations spend enormous amounts of time and resources on developing leaders. Online gambling sites with the highest quality leaders are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition in key-bottom line metrics such as financial performance, employee engagement and player satisfaction. Think of the top-performing portals such as Latestcasinobonuses and AskGamblers.

”The world can be seen only as connections, nothing else…” Sir Tim Berners, Inventor of the World Wide Web

If you want your business to fall into this category, use these ten tips to help develop the leaders within your company.

Distinct Differences Between Video Poker and Poker

Video Poker versus Poker

When it comes to video poker and ordinary poker the difference is the volatility and winning hand payouts. In this article I’m going to tabulate the main differences between these two great casino games.

The game of video poker is is based on a game of five card draw. It’s displayed on a machine, which displays the cards dealt, pretty much like a computer game. It differs from other casino games since the skill of the player determines the outcome of the game. If compared to a normal game of poker, video poker is played much faster and the payout odds for particular hands are fixed.

Contrast Between Video Poker and Table Poker Video Poker Ordinary Poker You’re only playing against the machine. As such you’re trying to produce a single hand that pays out a set amount. Video poker machines tells you exactly what return you’ll receive for a …

Double Double Bonus Video Poker Optimal Strategy

Double Double Bonus Video Poker strategy

In this article I’m going to discuss why Double Double Bonus poker is a great game. How to play multi-line games and why some hybrid games are simply too expensive to play.

The most popular video poker variant is hands down Double Double Bonus Poker. With its mini-jackpot concept where aces with a kicker pays 2,000 coins, this game became a hit with players overnight.

Compared to other games in the casino it offers more winning chances. Although many players are playing it, only a handful of them employ the correct strategy. The regular poker draw of this game has a few plays that differs from the standard game. I might add it can be feast or famine and is more expensive to play.

Double Double Bonus Poker Tips

Truth be told Double Double Bonus Poker is a different beast altogether. Reason being it only returns even money for two …