Double Double Bonus Video Poker Optimal Strategy

Double Double Bonus Video Poker strategy

In this article I’m going to discuss why Double Double Bonus poker is a great game. How to play multi-line games and why some hybrid games are simply too expensive to play.

The most popular video poker variant is hands down Double Double Bonus Poker. With its mini-jackpot concept where aces with a kicker pays 2,000 coins, this game became a hit with players overnight.

Compared to other games in the casino it offers more winning chances. Although many players are playing it, only a handful of them employ the correct strategy. The regular poker draw of this game has a few plays that differs from the standard game. I might add it can be feast or famine and is more expensive to play.

Double Double Bonus Poker Tips

Truth be told Double Double Bonus Poker is a different beast altogether. Reason being it only returns even money for two pair with the addition of kickers and differences around aces that don’t come into play on most other video poker variants. It only returns an equal amount of coins bet for two pair instead of double the bet like in Bonus Poker or Jacks or Better. As such it increases the volatility of the game significantly.

Before You Play Consider The Following:

  • Compared to other video poker variants, you have longer losing and winning streaks.
  • You’ll need a larger bankroll if you want to be successful at this game.
  • One of the complexities of Double Double Bonus Poker is that when two pair are dealt and one pair is aces; strategy says discard the other pair, looking for the four aces with a kicker or for the four aces. If a two pair combination contains no aces, conventional play states that you must hold both pairs and go for a full house.
  • Always read the paytable before you place a bet.

Double Double Bonus Video Poker by Microgaming

Can You Win The Royal Flush Without The Suited Ten?

If you have a suited ace and ten, discard the ten and only hold the ace. The simple reason for this is to allow all the available slots for three more aces. It’s counterproductive to discard the ten that’s suited with the ace. Then again if you’re shooting for the royal flush then holding the ten suited with the ace (same suit) is the way to go.

Video poker ace Bob Dancer says, ”Sometimes it’s better to be a gambler and sometimes it’s not better to be a gambler.” On this hand he says it’s in your best interest not to be a gambler. Seasoned players are of the opinion that holding the ten incurs a bigger loss of expected value on the hand since your chances are better to land four aces than a royal flush. Just a word of caution though, many players focus only on winning the aces with a kicker and forget the real aim of video poker which is to win the royal flush.

Why Double Double Bonus Poker Is Underrated

The name of the game is derived from the return on its four of a kind. Every single four of a kind pays double as opposed to the same four of a kind in Bonus Poker. Four aces pays out 800 coins, four twos, threes or fours pays out 400 coins. For four fives through to four kings 250 coins each are paid out.

When Double Bonus Poker first graced the casino floor most players chose it because it offered higher payouts on four of a kind. But when kicker games were introduced Double Bonus Poker lost its sparkle since it does not offer additional payouts in conjunction with four of a kind. Double Bonus Poker pays double the Bonus Poker payouts on all fours of a kind.

In principle it reduces double money on two pair and pays only even money. This raises the volatility of the game over Bonus Poker, but it also increases the payout on four of a kind. This is why most players regard it as a trade-off of sorts. Another reason why Double Bonus Poker is a good choice it pays more on the full house/flush than Double Double Bonus Poker. If you have a limited bankroll not only does it extend your game play but offers loads of entertainment too.

All American Double Up video poker by Net Entertainment. In this version of video poker you can play up to 25 hands simultaneously.

Multi line Games

The standard multi-line games that could be played online are easy and offer regular payouts. If you’re interested in playing them, click on Bet Max and only the bottom line cards will be dealt. Pick your hole cards from the bottom-line hand. When you click on draw, each line will finish the hand from the random number generator. Therefore, each separate hand can be a potential winning or a losing hand based on the hold cards you’ve picked.

What To Do When Choosing Multi-line Machines

  • No matter how many lines you choose to play, five-line play costs five times as much as the standard single line machine.
  • If you decide to play Bonus Poker. It’s played with the same strategy as the single line version of that game. Playing a multi-line machine can be exciting but you must calculate the max bet and your risk tolerance before each play.

Multi-line games are popular. They allow you to choose the denomination, the type of game and how many lines (three, five or ten). These games have higher multiples, like fifty or one hundred lines which allow you to play for nickles or dimes. The simple reason for this is that most players can’t afford it to play $300 per hand.

The cost of each hand played on these machines will be the number of max bet coins multiplied by the number of lines you selected. Therefore, if you’ve wagered ten-line nickles whose max bet is five coins it will cost you twenty-five cents per line times ten lines or $2.50 per hand. Each multi-line game has its own deck of cards. If you pick a five-line game, you’ll be betting on hands produced with five different decks of cards.

When you press the max bet button on the multi-line games, the entire cash amount for all the lines you’re playing goes out. However, only the bottom hand of cards are dealt. From that dealt hand, choose the appropriate hold cards. As you click on each ‘Hold’ button, each card is held on all the lines you’re playing. Before hit the Deal/Draw button check your hold cards first. If you accidentally hit the wrong Hold button and saved a card you intended to throw away, the mistake will be multiplied up all the lines you’re playing.

Bonus Deuces Wild Power Poker is a hybrid video poker offered by Microgaming.

Why Hybrid Video Poker Games Are Expensive To Play

If you want a change of pace and have some cash to burn, you can give these costly games a go. In this section I’m going to give a brief overview of the different kinds of hybrid games.

Super Times Pay

This game is a multi-line video poker game with a reel slot variation that will set you back an extra coin per line. If you’re playing ten lines, instead of the usual fifty coin max bet, it will cost you 60 coins. Only play the game if you want a break from your usual game play. Also, the odds in this game are heavily stacked against you. 

Spin Poker

This is another game that offers a combo. It works like a digital video reel slot machine, except one poker hand comes up on the initial bet. The player picks the hold cards which determines all the line combinations after the Draw Button is clicked. When the spin button stops, poker hands are produced on nine lines to make up winning or losing hands, instead of rows of sevens or double diamonds like in traditional slots machines. I must point out that this video poker variant eats a lot of coins.

Multi-Strike Poker

This is one of the most challenging games by a long shot. Only play this video poker variant if you’re prepared to learn the unique strategies for each line. For each line of play, each bet is twenty coins and five coins. You may not get the chance to play all four lines, even though the cost to play remains the same as if all four lines were being played. The major challenge about this game is that there’s a different strategy for each of the four lines of play.


Each video poker machine comes with its own playing strategy and paytable. Before you play a game make sure you understand its strategy and the odds of each hand. Avoid playing Jacks or Better unless you can find a machine that offers a payout of 9/6 in the denomination of play. Although multi-line games are more exciting to play they are quite risky. The most popular video poker variant in the United States is Double Double Bonus Poker since it predominantly favors the savvy player.


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