Distinct Differences Between Video Poker and Poker

Video Poker versus Poker

When it comes to video poker and ordinary poker the difference is the volatility and winning hand payouts. In this article I’m going to tabulate the main differences between these two great casino games.

The game of video poker is is based on a game of five card draw. It’s displayed on a machine, which displays the cards dealt, pretty much like a computer game. It differs from other casino games since the skill of the player determines the outcome of the game. If compared to a normal game of poker, video poker is played much faster and the payout odds for particular hands are fixed.

Contrast Between Video Poker and Table Poker

Video Poker Ordinary Poker
You’re only playing against the machine. As such you’re trying to produce a single hand that pays out a set amount. Video poker machines tells you exactly what return you’ll receive for a specific hand. In other words the minimum or maximum coin (normally a five coin bet). When playing table game poker, the winning hand can be anything from an Ace high to a Flush. Bets are fixed, but the ante (bet amount at the start of the pot by each player) can be increased as the game progresses.
When you produce a winning hand after the deal, the video poker machine’s paytable tells you exactly how much you’ll win for the max bet. The value of high versus low winning hands has no bearing on the payouts for the winning hands. Let’s take three 4s, for example. They pay exactly the same amount as three aces on the paytable. Specific hands that pay bonuses, like four aces with a kicker in Double Double Bonus Poker, feature in the paytable. There’s no fluctuation on what will be won on a given hand. Hands can fluctuate significantly since there can be a number of players at a table. There can be pot-limit games; the amount bet can be any amount up to the total value of the pot. In no-limit games, players can bet up to the value of their chips. Supposing you have $10,000 worth of chips, you could place a bet to the value of $10,000.
Every video poker max bet is always the same amount of money. You know the bet as well as the risk of each hand when you push the max bet button. Table game poker is a social game where numerous players compete for the same pot. Basically you can bet as much money as you like.
If you’re not sure which game to play, start with Bonus Poker. This game is not as volatile and a good start for novice and intermediate players. If you have cash to burn and ‘in for a penny or in for a pound’ go ahead and play Double Double Bonus Poker. This is a high-volatility game and I must warn you if you don’t know the correct game strategy it might cost you dearly. There are different variants of poker ranging from five-card stud, Omaha High Low to Texas Hold’ em. Of all the poker games Texas Hold’ em is the most popular. Subsequent players can fold, call, bet or raise.
You can play multiple video poker machines simultaneously at different coin denominations. However, this also depends on the size of your bankroll.  The pot won for each hand depends upon the bets made throughout the play. It varies from high to low. The player with the highest winning hand wins the pot.
In video poker there’s no bluffing; only your knowledge, experience, skill and strategy of a specific game. There are different types of machines with slight variations of the rules. In table poker, your aim is to produce a winning hand with a higher value than the hands held by the other players at the table. The player must constantly read the other players in order to determine how much he or she must bet for a specific hand or when to bluff. To become a successful player, you must be able to read tells, i.e when to go all in or when to fold.
There’s always a fixed amount of bets involved (max five bets). The paytable indicates the amount of coins that could be wagered based on the coin denomination and the amount that could be won. Video poker is a solitary game.  In other words there’s only one player and it’s not necessary to beat the other players’ hands. Table poker is a social game. Players must use their social skills of interacting which includes reading and bluffing other players. These are integral components that defines a good player from an average one. The final amount a player bets just to stay in the game depends on what the other players bet, raise, check and call. To stay in the round players don’t know how much they must bet, or the amount of cash they’ll win.


Remember that the casino doesn’t need you to help it make money. Before you embark on a gambling spree, study the game you wish to play closely and the best possible return for each hand that’s dealt.

Video poker differs a lot from ordinary poker. The advantage it holds is that the player only has to be concerned with the correct game strategy and which cards to hold or fold. Three of the most popular video poker games are Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Bonus Poker.



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