Interview with Cooper W of Casino Titan

Author: Pitboss
Last Updated: June 11, 2015
Cooper W, Support Staff of Casino Titan
Cooper W of Casino Titan

Cooper W of Casino Titan was kind enough to grant us an interview and answered some of our questions.

What prompted you to join the online casino industry?

What can I say, I love Vegas and Casino Titan reminded me of this magical experience. It’s like being at a land based casino, only players have the option to play from the comfort of their own computer- anytime, anywhere!

What do you like about Casino Titan?

I really love the Titan theme, it adds a unique feel and dimension that is unlike your standard slots game casinos. It reminds me of the Roman Titans. Also, the wide selection of games provides something for every player!

The most popular promotion/s players tend to go for?

Players tend to go for the Welcome Bonus- 400% Match Bonus. Many clients rave about getting to start off with a lot of extra cash.

The biggest mistake players tend to make when they accept the welcome bonus, or any other bonus offer?

They don’t realize that some of the bonuses or promotions are one time deals and don’t take full advantage. Also, some players don’t bother to contact us and find out what they are eligible for.

What advise would you give to new and current players?

Redeem the Welcome Bonus and speak to a customer service rep before every deposit to find out what is the best bonus offer available at the time. You may be missing out!

Where do most of your players currently come from and is Casino Titan popular with players from the United States?

We have clients from all around the world and we are definitely popular in the US and many other countries.

How would you describe the wagering requirements for the welcome bonus offer, could you please give us an example?

We have a standard explanation of the wagering requirement-so that all players get the same information-the wagering requirement is the amount that a player must bet or wager before he can withdraw his winnings. We also explain that the wagering requirement is calculated by adding the deposit amount and bonus amount, then multiplying the total by 25 (our standard WR). If players need more info, I'm always happy to spend the time to explain more fully. I know it can be a tricky concept for new players, so I always try my best to make sure that they understand the wagering requirement.

Which deposit and withdrawal options are popular with US Players?

Credit cards are definitely the most common, but we see players are using more e-wallet and online methods such as Neteller, MoneyBookers and PaySolid for quick depositing and withdrawals.

How would you describe Casino Titan's deposit and withdrawal options, slow, medium or fast?

Deposits are instant. For withdrawals it depends if you are a new player. You must fill out a fax back form for security on your first withdrawal. After the first withdrawal, payment processing is quick. Casino Titan ensures safe and secured banking for clients.

Is Casino Titan committed towards responsible gambling?

Casino Titan ensures a strict responsible gambling policy. Under-age gambling is strictly forbidden as well as gambling in restricted jurisdictions. Clients may contact Customer Support at anytime for assistance in treating gambling abuse and/or irresponsible behaviour.

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