Interview with Duwayne Cowney of Tropica Casino

Author: Otto
Last Updated: September 4, 2014
Duwayne Cowney, Affiliate Manager of Tropica Casino
Duwayne Cowney of Tropica Casino

I got involved in the online gambling industry as a customer support agent for a big casino group. I initially started in general support and 6 months later I was looking after VIP’s only. From there I moved on to Referback as an Affiliate Manager. Since then, I’ve been involved in both customer service management and affiliate management for close to 10 years. I am now enjoying the role of Head of Affiliates for Refilliates.

As an internet casino what makes Tropica Casino so unique?

We have to say that our hands-on approach sets us apart. Management answer player queries and monitor the forums daily. We have a policy to pay withdrawals as quickly as possible and to provide offers that cater for VIPs; punters who can only make 1 deposit a month, seasoned gamblers etc. We structure our promotions to give the best chances of winning or the longest play time, depending on your mood. With management having 30 years combined experienced, Tropica is truly unique.

Please name the mistakes first time players normally make and what advice would you give them?

Players forget to claim a bonus before depositing. This is not an issue as we can grant the bonus if they have not spent any of the deposit. Advice is to always read everything on the screen before depositing.
Players don't read terms. Please make sure you understand what you are agreeing to before claiming a bonus.
Players send in the incorrect documents and this delays payments. Please send in clear, valid documents in the correct format.
Players make a small deposit and place large bets. This is not the way to build a balance. Always keep your bets in proportion to your deposit. Mix up the games when playing.

Can you list the various promotional offers? Please give us an explanation of the wagering requirements attached to the deposit bonus? Is it cashable and what does it mean?

Promotional offers change daily so it’s best to log in and see what is available. Promotions vary from 40% match’s right up to 5000%. Depending on the % match, it will depend on the wagering requirements. Generally, you can expect 30 x wagering of deposit and bonus for a 100% match.

Does Tropica Casino reward loyal depositors? Does it offer a VIP program, tell us more about it?

Most certainly: We offer 20% weekly cashback and 10% Monthly Cashback.
We give a free chip on your first deposit of the day. The higher the deposit value, the bigger the free chip
We give more loyalty points depending on your Tier. Gold / Platinum customers can earn double Loyalty Points
We give free chips to depositing customers every weekend. Gold and Platinum get cash added to their accounts

From which country does most of the casino's players come from? Which games are currently popular with players? Does the Rival platform offer any customization features in the games, please name some of them?

We have players from across the globe enjoying our software. We find that the iSlots, Scary Rich 1, 2 and 3 and Video Slots remain Rival’s biggest draw card. Players enjoy the iSlots as they need to complete various levels in order to proceed in the game.
Rival’s platform is the best back-office and is fully customisable. We can set up promotions per player, including bet sizes, games and max cashouts. Players can set Bets, Coin Sizes, Autoplay, Self-exclusion etc. The options available are better than any other software provider.

Which deposit methods are popular with customers from the United States? What's the daily/weekly withdrawal limit? How long does it normally take before a withdrawal is cleared?

At the moment, US customers use Visa to deposit. We are working on Amex and MasterCard as well as a possible voucher solution. Weekly is set at $2500, unless a player is a VIP and then $5000 per week is applied. These limits are set by our processors. A withdrawal usually reflects within 5-7 business days. We require a utility bill not older than 2 months, photo id (not expired) and for deposits to be signed for.

What's the biggest progressive win the site paid out recently, where was the player from and on which game was it? Are progressive wins included in the withdrawal limit?

The biggest was $47,000 on Money Magic going to a US based player. Progressives are paid in full with no restrictions.

Which security measure does Tropica Casino employ to protect a customer's private information?

We use 28 bit SSL technology to secure the transmission of data. Staff do not have access to any sensitive information, unless they have clearance by management. Credit Cards and Wallet information is not stored.

What's the site's current payout percentage for all its games and which company regularly audits its software?

The payout for the last 3 months has been an average of 96.82%. (There is no company that does the audit. Our reports calculate this automatically based on the player activity.)

What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you during your employment in the online casino industry?

I can't remember really. Nothing has been so funny that it stood out at me. I’m sorry not be able to humour you with something at this stage. If it comes to me, I'll send you an update.

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