Online Vegas $1,000 Weekend Slots Tournament

This weekend will see an entire host of internet slot tourney’s kick-off at Online Vegas internet casino.  The slots tournament’s name is: “Weekend 3 Hour Quickies $1,000 Guaranteed”.  In total five tournaments would be played and a variety of games are scheduled at different times.

A scanty $3.99 is the tournament buy in amount.  Players will then start play with a stack valued at $250.  If a player’s balance is less than $25, an additional chip stack could be purchased for $300 for $3.99, which is the rebuy sum. Players are permitted unlimited rebuys this will only be permitted whilst the tournament is still on the go.  A $1,000 is the guaranteed prize pool for every slot’s tourney at Online Vegas internet casino. The prize pool would be pooled by the top 100 players on the leader board; $200 would be given to the winner.  Amounts between $95 and $20 would be given to players in 2nd to 11th place respectively.  A token amount of $1 each would be given to every player who ends up in the 51st to the 100th place.

On Friday November 19th the first set of Weekend Quickies will kick-off at 10.00 PM on Friday November 19th and on Saturday the November 20th will end at 1.00 AM.  “Big Foot” is the name of the slot game for this tournament.  The central topic to this slot game is a camping one and players stand a chance in the bonus game to encounter Big Foot. The following slot tourney is set to kick-off at 5.00 PM on November 20th and it will end at 8.00 PM on the same day. The Last King of Egypt is the slot game of choice.  This slot game has several colourful depictions such as ancient Egyptian symbols; it will transfix players to an era long gone by.  In order to win 9,000 coins players must try and line up the King’s symbols in an enabled payline.

Vampire Vixen is the third slot game played in this Tournament series.  Not for the weak of heart; since copious amount of blood is depicted on the reels symbols. The tournament kicks-off at 10.00 PM on November 20th and ends at 1.00 AM on November 21st.

“Evil Knievel” is the fourth slot game that will be played in this tournament series.  Set to start on the 21st of November at 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM. This slot game is based on American stunt man’s Evil Knievel’s legendary exploits. “Bangkok Nights” is the very last slot game to be played in this tournament series.  It will start at 10.00 PM on the 21st of November and end at 1.00 AM on the 22nd of November.

Vegas Technology is the driving force behind Online Vegas’ casino game software and this internet casino is licensed in the gambling jurisdiction of Curacao. Lastly “The Thanksgiving freeroll” of $200,000 is also in progress.



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