9 Mistakes Gamblers Make

Dictionaries define the word ‘mistake’ as an incorrect decision caused by bad judgment, lack of information or lack of attention. Mistake also means having chosen the wrong alternative.

We all commit mistakes in our life. We commit them anytime and anywhere, at home, in business, or at work. When we commit a mistake at home or at work, we know it is a mistake because of the unpleasant consequence that follows.  Any sane person will immediately correct the mistake and avoid making it next time.

When it comes to gambling, things are different. As if gamblers believe that the mistakes they commit inside the casinos are different from the mistakes they commit outside. I think gamblers believe it to be that way, though both mistakes are the same as something unpleasant follows both of them.

This is what I have observed with most gamblers. For one thing, even if they had lost too much money due to certain mistakes, they still continue making the same mistake not taking some time-out to correct it.  Most gamblers are successful in their fields.  They are good with figures, outstanding in organizing events and smart in making money. But when it comes to gambling they are kindergarteners playing with matchboxes.

Why do gamblers do this?   It is like doing the wrong thing repeatedly for a long time not knowing what the correct way is.   As the saying goes; “If you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t fix it.” To these gamblers, what they do is right to the best of their knowledge. They might have thought that the casinos’ steady win over them is a result of luck.  The purpose of this article is to make you aware of all the possible mistakes gamblers commit so you can avoid them. It is okay to commit a mistake perhaps now and again-it’s human, but to commit them all the time is unacceptable.  Herewith the 9 most common mistakes gamblers make:

1. The Killjoy. He stops playing the moment he starts to win.
2. The Guesser. He varies his bet without rational basis.
3. The Chicken. He reduces his bet if he starts to win.
4. The Naïve. He wagers on bets that have high house edge.
5. The Tenacious. He keeps on betting the same amount.
6. The Chaser. He increases his bets if he starts to lose.
7. The Overcharged. He does not know when to stop playing.
8. The Bungler. He plays a game he does not know how to play.
9. The Over bettor. He gambles the money he cannot afford to lose.

The above could be avoided, all the gambler needs is awareness, sound advice and the ability to want to learn and progress from mistakes made.  Pitboss out…happy gambling!



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