How Online Casinos Bait You

How cybercasinos bait you
Tactics online casinos lure you with

Just like any business, online casinos use advertising as a means to attract gamblers to visit their sites. I can honestly say that they have it down to a fine art. In this article I’m going to talk about some of the tactics operators use to entice you to play. So before you cross the T’s and dot the i’s keep the following in mind.

Huge Selection of Games

With the advent of new technology operators now enlist a myriad of software providers. Many of the games they offer come with pin-dropping audio and images that will keep you hooked until the wee hours of the morning. They are specifically designed to have a psychological impact on you. I’m not even going to mention the fantastic bonus offers they ply you with since it is outside the scope of this article.

There are literally hundreds of slots machines to choose from but one slots in particular, Monty’s Millions, gives a little cry ‘Yeaah’ when you land a big win. To be honest when this happens one cannot help but feel like a million dollars. Some players even punch the air in delight, unfortunately in an attempt to replicate the win they often end up shouting ‘noooooh!’ or hammer their keyboards in despair. 

Winner Testimonials

Another tried and tested method casinos use to seduce you is to list the testimonials of the big winners on their sites. To have this information in ‘your face’ all the time can be intoxicating since it’s a powerful incentive to keep you playing. Deep down you know it ‘could be you’. Bookmakers often broadcast clients who enjoyed an incredible lucky streak on a variety of games, coming away with thirty or even forty grand. Assume this is true, what the operators don’t tell you is how much of the player’s winnings was actual profit. In other words how much has he or she staked. To win these amounts a player must stake up to $50 per spin.

The most I’ve ever won on a single spin was about $50, I’m a self-confessed low roller since I try and keep things to a bare minimum. Problem is the moment players start staking more than $20 per spin, and if they’re not disciplined enough or have a clear-cut betting strategy things can get out of hand very quickly.

Advertising on Television

This is one of the most important mediums to attract players. Once an operator has your mobile number it’s tickets. You receive constant texts even in the most inconvenient of places. However, I’m stunned at the amount of advertisements bookmakers have on television. To say that it’s not agressive will be an understatement of the year.

Not only do many of these adverts appear before the watershed but in between the afternoon quiz shows promising you untold riches. If you can’t get on a television quiz show win online instead. They also seem to dominate the airtime in the small hours of the morning when potential clients might well be pissed and would think nothing of blowing a wad inspired by the adverts they’ve just witnessed. Obviously these time slots are much cheaper and I might add quite profitable for the online casinos to lure players. Strictly speaking it’s a win-win situation for the operator.

Some players even complain that they’ve never followed Emmerdale, so it was quite surprising to see a trailer of this program sponsored by Bet365. To compound matters further, it’s not just brief snippets of advertising either. As one flicks through the Freeview channels you are bombarded by ten pounds bonus offers from a blond bomb shell. Although the lady is indeed a feast to the eye, especially if you’re a red blooded male she can become quite irritating at times. 

Quick Wins

This is one of the most important tactics operators use to ensnare you by allowing you to win fairly quickly-also known as an ‘addictive hit’. I consider myself an industry veteran and played numerous slots machines over the years. If a slots does not throw up a bonus game within the first twenty spins leave it and try your luck with the next one. Consider yourself lucky if you hit a bonus on your first spin.

If you are on a winning streak quit while you are ahead. If you don’t I guarantee you that you will kick the bucket sooner or later. It may be ten or twenty minutes, if you don’t quit while you’re ahead there will come a time that you wish you did. Chasing losses is like a dog chasing its own tail, but unlike the dog you will never catch the tail. Instead you become embroiled in the psychology of thinking; ‘if only I can get my original stake back I will never gamble again’. Of course you always do.  

A player once told me that he turned $300 into a $1,250 just to lose it all before the first cock crowed in an attempt to cover his losses.


The methods operators use to attract new players are best described as ‘over the top’ or in your face. To a certain extent I understand where they’re coming from since the competition is ultra fierce. To survive and thrive in a very crowded market place online casinos need loads of players with deep pockets.

If you have a gambling problem and before some evil genie decides to drive another nail into your coffin get help immediately. Although online gambling is a fantastic mode of entertainment it can be very addictive with dire consequences. 



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