Big Week Internet Gambling New Jersey

Governor Chris Christie has been the recipient of flack recently when it comes to the proposed online gambling bill. This coming Thursday Christie will make his decision on it. As a result millions of people in favour of gambling over the internet will be holding their breath.

Internet gambling’s future, if permitted in the State of New Jersey will soon catch on and might spread to the rest of the United States. That’s if Christie agrees to sign the bill. Many states in the U.S are already following suit and once New Jersey finalizes their laws, potentially it might cause a wave of internet gambling legislation across the country.

“The moment the first state regulates online gambling, it will spread like wild fire all over the nation much like what happened with the land-based casinos during the past ten years,” Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz, said. “It stands to reason that nobody wants to the be the first to consent to a contentious bill, however, once the ice has melted chances are there might be a uniform approval of gambling by lawmakers in the United States.

On the other hand should Christie give in to political pressure from within his own party, California might then be the very first state to regulate the first Internet gaming bill. At this point in time California has two separate bills that are proposed. The first one would regulate internet poker and the other would online wagering.

Those in favour of internet gambling had their work cut out in both California and New Jersey. Last week Christie should have made a decision on the legislation, nevertheless gave it an extension since legislators did not meet again save for Thursday.

Although California and New Jersey are the two main states in the United States regulate internet gambling, other states are championing the legalization of it as well. Iowa and Florida’s lawmakers might add internet gambling tax revenue to their budgets soon.



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