What Is The Ideal Cybercasino?

We’ve asked ourselves this question many times before what is the ideal online casino? Truth be told they are very far and few in between and only a handful are in operation today. In this article we’re going to give you a brief overview of one.

We live in an age where money is everything, corporations focus more on the money factor instead on the human factor. I’m not saying all businesses are like this there are some exceptions to the rule. Before we give you a run down of our ideal site we’d like to give you 2 scenarios how most egaming operators should run their businesses.

Scenario 1

Let’s assume you’re a first time player, you deposit $50 with a casino since the review of it is well-written and informative, you decline the welcome bonus offer since you don’t want to get bogged down by excessive wagering requirements. You’ve wagered the $50 and lost it within a couple of minutes, you had fun and moved on or at least you thought so. The next day you receive an e-mail from the casino plying you with all kinds of bonus offers. You decline all of them since you gamble for entertainment purposes only and delete these e-mails from your Inbox.

You receive more e-mails with the same bonus offers, you contact the casino notifying them that you’re not interested. The casino ignores your request and keeps on “blasting” your Inbox with lucrative and enticing bonus offers. You send them an e-mail yet again stating that you’ve had enough and that they must stop spamming your account immediately and they must also close your account and delete your e-mail address from their mailing list! The casino ignores your request, to make a long story short you decide to register a new e-mail address. The bottom line is some online casinos will do anything to solicit money from you ignoring your wishes implicitly!

Let’s have a look at what the casino should have done in the first place. After you’ve wagered the initial $50 they send you an e-mail with additional bonus offers. You reply and state that you’re fully aware that any bonus or “free money” has a set of play through requirements attached to it and you’re not willing to wager more than $50 per month. The casino responds in kind and says it understands and respects your wishes and asks you if they can mail you a newsletter once a month outlining all its promotional offers. Your Inbox is not spammed and you receive the newsletter once a month as agreed.

Scenario 2

You decide to go for the welcome bonus offer of 100% up to $100 free. You deposit $100 and receive another $100 (100% match bonus), you can now play with $200. The wagering requirements is 30xbonus. Before you can cash out you must stake 30x$100=$3,000 on selected games. Certain casino games contribute differently toward meeting the play through requirements. You won $500, met the wagering requirements in full and decide to cash out. The casino deducts the $100 bonus and transfers $400 to your casino account.

All of a sudden your Inbox is spammed relentlessly since you won $400 and the internet casino wants its money back! No congratulations on the cash amount won but promotional offers that will make any miser squirm. You’re enticed with VIP promotions, various slots tournaments, no deposit bonuses and so forth. You notify the casino that you only earn a small income and that you gamble for the fun of it. The offers from the casino just never stops! Do you take the $400 and run or do you continue on wagering and lose the cash you’ve won?

Our Ideal Online Casino

1. It must respect the wishes of the player, this is paramount! Before you make any cash deposit/s, first contact the casino and stipulate the amount of cash you intend to wager. Notify the casino that you do not want your Inbox cluttered with unsolicited e-mails.

2. One of the support staff at the casino gives you a run down of all their promotional offers and a detailed explanation of the wagering requirements attached to the welcome bonus.

3. Before you register an account with the casino it must request a payslip, that is if you intend to deposit a $1,000 or more. Since it adheres to a strict policy when it comes to problem gamblers. It states that you are not allowed to wager more than 10% of your net income. The moment you wager more than your net income it suspends you until the next month.

4. Will not divulge your personal information to any third party.

We’d appreciate your feedback with regard to the above. Our aim is not to scare you to wager online but to make you aware of how most online casinos operate. There are literally thousands of sites each vying for your hard-earned cash. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, any casino worth its weight in gold will be more than happy to have your business, but you must lay down some ground rules first. Always read the terms and conditions carefully, if you’re unsure contact live chat and keep a record of all correspondence between you and the casino.



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