Canadian Woman Fakes Cancer To Gamble

A new type of gambling fraud is occurring more frequently in Canada nowadays and it has officials up in arms, it entails members of the public faking cancer to get charity cash.

The latest person to be caught out in this diabolical scam is Tina Michele Sammons; authorities charged Sammons with four cases of fraud involving the amount of $5,000 and conning an impressive $300,000 from friends and relatives alike. She informed her relatives that she has been tested positive for cancer and that the B.C medical aid scheme did not cover all her medical costs.

Victims that have been conned by Sammons are her spouse’s parents, a co-worker of her brother and her brother-in-law.  It’s purported that the cash was utilised to fuel her gambling addiction and she gambled a large proportion of the cash at the View Royal Casino.

An erstwhile friend said she used to accompany Sammons on her regular visits to the casino and that she wagered copious amounts of cash on $7 and $14 slot machines.  However, authorities are still not certain whether some of the cash has been wagered at a new internet casino launched by B.C Lottery Corp.

No wonder aid organizations have become very vigilant of these bogus cancer schemes.  People that have been guilty of this scam and taken into custody by the police are Jessica Ann Leeder, who said she had emphysema and Ashley Kirilow who even shaved her head to corroborate her story.

Last week Friday, Christopher Gordon had been arrested for fraud saying he had “terminal brain cancer” who solicited $3,000 out the scheme.  Police have implored citizens to be more cautious before handing out cash to individuals who claim they have cancer.

In light of the above, it does not sit well with anti-gambling bodies these recent fraud schemes committed by the above individuals’ it just added fuel to the fire indicating that all forms of gambling are “evil” and should be eradicated, especially when it comes to problem gambling.  If you gamble please gamble responsibly.



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