Class 1 Casino No More?

Is Playtech responsible for its demise?

Recently many players have complained since they felt something fishy has been going on with Class 1 Casino the last few weeks. Some players and affiliates’ suspicions were confirmed when the internet gambling operator suddenly closed its door for business when it e-mailed players and affiliates updating them on its present state of affairs.

A statement released by Class 1 Casino said that the operator apologized for any inconvenience caused but as of the 11th October decided to stop taking deposits and bets from all players.

The statement explained that Playtech is the reason for its closure, since the internet gaming software provider took “unilateral action without any prior notice and was in breach of contract. As a result, Playtech has decided to shut down gaming servers and prevent all gaming activities in Class 1 Casino.“

In the meantime, the management at Class 1 Casino has taken legal action against Playtech and hopes that the site will be up-and-running again soon. The operator apologized to players for the delay in communication and said that they tried to solve the issue in an amicable manner with Playtech before they alarmed players.

To conclude, the statement reads as follow: “We are in the process of handling players who, by the time of the closure, had positive balance on their casino account and we will make sure that all our obligations towards the players are fulfilled completely.

“We would like to apologize for any inconveniences and we are kindly asking you for your understanding. We sincerely hope that we will be able to offer you our gaming services again in the future and thank you for all your support in the past years.”

Playtech has not released a statement in its defense yet; rumour has it that the Italian internet gambling market might be responsible since Class 1 Casino is reasonably successful in it, but it does not have the local AAMS license.



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