Gambling Revenue Drops Chile Mine Rescue

The last couple of days’ live coverage of the Chilean mine rescue had viewers from across the globe glued to their television sets.  According to the latest news coverage, all thirty-three Chilean mine workers were rescued.  Even online casinos experienced a sharp decline as gamblers tuned in to catch the latest news about the rescue mission.

According to the latest research breaking news stories draws gamblers’ attention away from their pc’s to their televisions. This has been the case with the recent rescue mission of 33 miners that have been trapped in a mine shaft for 69 days in Chile.  A couple of players stated their reasons why they did not gamble at their respective casinos the last couple of days.

“The internet casino I wager at will always be there and I can access it any time, however, a gigantic event like the rescue mission in Chile only takes place once in a life time,” said Mark Bentle, as he viewed the rescue mission from the UK. “It’s only a miracle that those guys have survived so long 660m below the earth’s surface and lived to tell the tail, Praise God!”

Over a billion people from all over the world watched the mine rescue mission live; since the rescue endeavour started to unravel on major news networks like; Sky News, CNN, Fox News, ABC News and various other news channels.

“Internet poker player Matt Schwarn said he was mesmerized and nothing could get him away from his television, he and his girlfriend were shell shocked as they watched the rescue mission come to a conclusion.  ”Under normal conditions we’ll be playing in an internet poker tourney before going to work, today we’ve decided to put our gambling efforts in the back burner and watch as history unfolded.”

To top it all the rescue mission took place on the 13/10/2010 (13+10+10) add all the figures in the said date and it comes to 33!  Makes one think doesn’t it.

Internet gambling’s popularity has increased dramatically over the last ten years. Presently 25 million gamblers are actively wagering at their favourite online casino.  eGaming experts reckon that the online gambling industry could grow as much as 50% within the next five years.  This figure will increase if internet gambling is permitted in the US again. In the mean time lawmakers in America are devising proper measures to safeguard its citizens wagering at various offshore vendors.



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