Stats Rank Interactive And Danske Spil

A surge in growth from internet casinos and is the reason for Rank Interactive’s record 25% increase in proceeds for eight weeks running ended February the 20th. The news follows the publication that the internet arm of Rank Group experienced an increase in revenue by £6.9m for the year ended 31 December 2010.

This is prior to adjustments for free bets, promotions and player bonuses. On the whole group revenue for Rank, including bingo halls, internet casinos as well as its interactive arm, increased by £27.8m for the year ended 31 December, during this period 2.9% of players both wagered online and offline.

Danske Spil experienced a profit surge by DKK52m (£5.97m) for two years straight after a profitable World Cup boosted its figures for the year ending 31st December. Revenue for the Danish monopoly increased by DKK68m to DKK10, 203m, DKK8, 489m came from Danske Spil and the balance from Danske Automat Spil.

TF1 is presently locked in discussions with Chilipoker founder Alexandre Dreyfus to put up for sale its EurosportBet brand, based on reports from French news agency AFP. The site indicated a loss of €26m in 2010. The television broadcaster entered into talks on Thursday with an “undisclosed” internet casino. According to La Tribune, negotiations between Dreyfus and TF1 are not relevant to Dreyfus’ Chiliplay Company.

Chief operating officer of Netplay TV, Guy Templer as of March the 31st will no longer work for the company. In May 2009 he joined the company after eight years as group commercial director and managing director for gaming at Two Way TV, decided to spread his wings and pursue other business ventures.

The GB Group which has a close knit working relationship with Betfair, PartyGaming and Skybet, praised the recent player protection agreement from CEN as effectively paving the way for player protection in an EU regulated environment.”Strategic development director, Emma Lindley for the identity management business, said we must extend the agreement across more jurisdictions. “Geography should not be an issue and where do we go to next?,” she said.

International Game Technology (IGT) introduced its latest internet casino game called triple bonus spin roulette.



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