EcoCard Alternate Banking OptionEcoCard eWallet Scores 9 out of 10 at
Deposit Option Information
Owned By:Com Tec Co Group
US Allowed:No
What’s Hot With EcoCard
  • Deposit method to a large range of casinos
  • Security is top-notch
  • Fast and efficient transactions
What’s Not With EcoCard
  • U.S residents can’t use Ecocard
  • High transaction fees for bank check withdrawals
  • Bank cheque withdrawals available to UK & IT Residents only

Ecocard is an online prepaid debit card that is obtainable from Ecocard Ltd. It belongs to the Com Tec Co Group and it was established in 1998, its headquarters is based in Luxembourg. Ecocard is the mainstay product of Ecocard Ltd. it’s exactly the same as a normal regular credit card, with supplementary benefits such as security and privacy and the convenience of functioning online.

When signing up for an Ecocard, you’ll be able to access your account immediately via a secure and safe connection. A banking interface will provide you with comprehensive information relating to the various features of your account; past transactions, current balance which is updated in real time.

Your Ecocard could be funded in two ways, by means of wire transfers and direct deposits from your bank. In comparison to other e-wallet accounts Eco card does not charge any registration or membership fees. However, when you make a deposit to your Ecocard there will be a transaction fee to your bank. Withdrawal costs are involved when you use your card, this depends on the type of withdrawal method used.

Should you decide you want to sign up for an Ecocard, all you have to do it to access the company’s web site at It’s rather simple to sign-up; the good news is that there are no sign up costs for an Ecocard.

Whilst signing up you’ll have to provide the following information: a valid e-mail address, a password and the currency you’d like to use. Like any other e-wallet payment system you must read the company’s terms and conditions first. Once agreed to the T&C’s details on how to activate your account would be e-mailed to you, in it will be your Ecocard number and user ID.

It’s easy as pie to deposit cash into your Eco card account. Log in to your Ecocard account and have a look at the Money Deposits section. In this section you will be presented with a banking list and information on their deposit policies. Print out the deposit order, this could be used at your bank when you want to deposit cash into your Ecocard. The deposit form could be used to transfer cash from your bank account to your Eco account. There might be transactions costs involved, however this depends on your bank’s policies.

To withdraw cash from your account is very simple. Simply log into your Ecocard account and access the “Withdraw” section. In order to withdraw your cash you are presented with two options. You can either select a wire transfer or you could make out a bank cheque. It’s a fairly short process to withdraw cash and you would receive your cash within a period of two days. A transaction fee of $10 will be charged when you use the wire transfer method and bank cheques will set you back $25. Available to all Ecocard users is the wire transfer, users residing in Italy and the United Kingdom can make use of the bank check method.

Simplicity (9)

We give ECOcard a good rating in this department, given that the sign-up, deposit and withdrawal processes are straightforward. While other e-wallet services are complicated to sign up and have complex withdrawal and funding procedures. The ECOcard makes it easy for first time users to familiarise themselves with the range of e-wallet services first.

As of July 2007 players from the U.S are not allowed to register an ECOcard account. ECOcard Ltd. does offer players from the United States the option to sign up for an additional e-wallet service called QuickTender. The question is does QuickTender have the same security measures in place as ECOcard? QuickTender is by invitation only and might discourage new players from registering an account. One can only assume that the invitation comes directly from ECOcard Ltd. which may limit the amount of clients to the new service; hopefully all this would change soon.

Efficiency (10)

ECOcard performs excellent in this section and could easily be regarded as the best e-wallet service in the industry. Whether a deposit is made into your account or simply withdrawing funds, the speed of the transaction is fast. To sign up for an ECO card is quick and easy too.

Various Currencies (9)

 ECOcard accepts 19 different currencies. Deposits in US dollars are accepted, irrespective if U.S players are not allowed registrations. Players can decide which currency they want use. Multiple currencies for different accounts can be used to transfer cash between them. This feature makes it possible for players to exploit the different exchange rates.

Security (9)

Financial transaction done with ECOcard go through ECOcard Ltd.’s protected servers, featuring the very latest encryption software. Your personal details are safe and under no circumstances would it be disclosed to third parties.