Neteller Alternate Banking Option
Deposit Option Information
Location:Douglas, Isle of Mann
US Allowed:No
What's Hot With Neteller
  • Dependable and knowledgeable
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Immediate withdrawal and deposit options
  • Bonus system for clients
What's Not With Neteller
  • $6 levy to use prepaid card at ATM's
  • Not on hand to U.S. residents

For non-based U.S players, Neteller is a fitting "e-wallet" payment alternative that facilitates the digital transfer of cash to and from online casinos. Its main office is based in the United Kingdom with an additional office in the Isle of Man (very suitable for internet gambling companies due to its low tax rate).

Neteller been servicing many merchants online for many years. It is a popular substitute to PayPal among U.S. players since PayPal exited the U.S market.

When you sign up for a Neteller account you must follow three simple steps. Provide your account and personal particulars and make a deposit. Deposits are immediate on condition it’s done via a credit or debit card. A transaction fee of 1.75% is also charged. It takes approximately 2 to 5 business day for international bank transfers.

Neteller has been servicing millions of customers since 1999. Rest assured the company has the necessary skill to process every transaction in a professional and timely manner. Neteller is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange, irrespective of all the hardships it experienced it's still our number one e-wallet.

It is an online payment system where cash is transferred to internet casinos and various other merchants. Instant deposit and withdrawal options and various payment options are done to merchants registered with Neteller. Online gambling sites are one of Neteller’s biggest clients. 

It doesn't cost a cent to open a Neteller account. It can be funded via Visa, debit cards, InstaCash, EFT and bank deposits. Once a player has registered an account it is very simple to access all the account information. Once a deposit has been made through Neteller, any withdrawal from the internet casino can be received speedily.

Various account options are offered by Neteller. The easiest account to open is the Neteller "Express". Neteller supports an array of currencies such as U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Euro, Swedish Krona and Danish Krone. 2500 Euros (check with online currency calculators for their respective equivalents) is the deposit limit on this account. 

An additional feature is the "Extended" account. It has a higher deposit limit, provides for a prepaid Neteller debit card and permits peer-to-peer transfers. Clients can upgrade their Express account to an Extended account-this will take a few days.

The Neteller as a payment option is as simple as it gets, with the probable exception of a credit card. The Neteller credit card is the same as a debit card and can be used to procure goods and services online or to pay for groceries. Customer service differs from country to country. For more information visist the company's website.

Promptness (9)

The service Neteller provides is fast and efficient. Evidently a number of methods (bank transfers, international transfers) take longer than others (for example credit or debit cards). There is also an instant bank deposit option, if you want to wire cash back to your bank from your Neteller.

Various Currencies (8)

Various currencies like Canadian dollar, U.S dollar, Euro, British Pound, Swedish Krona and Danish Krone are supported. Neteller is accepted globally apart from the United States.

Security (9)

As an e-wallet deposit and withdrawal method Neteller’s security features are top-notch. It uses a number of security features such as encryption, firewalls, and verification services. Before you can access your account you must provide your Account ID and Secure ID. Neteller offers “Live Chat”, email and contact numbers.