Note: UseMyWallet is no longer in operation.

UseMyWallet is the latest deposit method used by many online gaming merchants. The company that is the brain child of this expedient e-wallet is associated with Ecocard. When it comes to banking online UseMyWallet is a good choice. It offers safe and secure transactions. It’s also one of the fastest growing e-wallet solutions since thousands of players from all walks of life are using it. 

Rest assured, UseMyWallet employs up-to-date anti-fraud and security measures. Transactions can be made from the company’s secure website, guaranteeing first-class security thanks in part to its invitation only membership.

To become a member, players must go through a rigorous authentication process that requires personal information to prevent fraudulent accounts. It seems these strict measures are paying off. The site’s current data base boasts more than a million users and growing. 

It’s a simple process to sign up for a UseMyWallet account. Here’s the trick before you can sign up you must first receive an invitation from an operator that uses UseMyWallet. Register an account with the site you want to wager at and wait for the invitation.

Players can apply via the casino’s live chat or by email. Once the invitation is received it will take approximately 3 to 5 days for the registration process to be concluded. The instructions will be emailed to you. Once the registration process is completed you can log into your UseMyWallet.

There is also a deposit funds option intended to deposit cash into your account Payment methods can be done via Credit Card, International Bank Transfer, Western Union and Moneygram. UseMyWallet accepts multiple currencies.

It’s not a complicated process to withdraw your cash from your UseMyWallet account. Regrettably, the company only offers cash withdrawal through wire transfer. All withdrawals will be processed within five working days. There have been cases where players had to wait a week before they received their cash. It takes a tad longer than other e-wallets, players can cancel their withdrawal request within 3 days.

The transfer funds option looks similar to the deposit funds option, even though this service is intended for operators that are associated with QuickTender. Sites that use QuickTender, search for the UseMyWallet logo on their website’s. Navigate your way from there, you could then make numerous deposits or purchase chips.

UseMyWallet charges a fee of $20 to $30 fee for cashing out and an additional fee of $20 to $25 by your bank since it’s an international wire transfer. Transactions fees are very costly and will set you back $40 to $50.

Simplicity (9)

Players who already have experience with other e-wallet systems will find the sign up process a walk in the park. Membership to UseMyWallet is by invitation only. But a player can receive an invitation by sending a request to a casino that is affiliated with UseMyWallet. Granted this adds another step to the process, it ensures that UseMyWallet keeps track of the number of players signing up for new accounts, enabling them to maintain superb customer service and security.

Efficiency (9)

UseMyWallet disappoints somewhat in this category. To withdraw cash from your account can take approximately 5 to 7 business days. Luckily, UseMyWallet offers speedier service with other transactions offered such as deposits and cash transfers.

Various Currencies (9)

Like various other e-wallet systems linked to Ecocard, UseMyWallet accepts deposits in multiple currencies. Deposits could be made in US dollars, Euro, British Pounds, Swiss Franks, Israeli New Shekels and Danish Crones. A lot of other currencies are accepted in addition to the ones already mentioned. 

Security (9)

It says a lot about the security measures in place by an e-wallet system when it comes to membership by invitation only. UseMyWallet memberships could only be obtained by invitation only. This signup policy enables UseMyWallet to limit customer access to their enabling them to scrutinize all transactions.

UseMyWallet uses the latest fraud detection systems, backed by a team of competent experts. Players are guaranteed a safe and secure payment system regardless of where they find themselves.