The following strategies can be used:

Slowing down the game

Basically there is very little difference between baccarat and mini-baccarat. However, at times players forget the speed at which these games are played. In normal baccarat you can play up to 80 hands per hour. In mini-baccarat you can play between 110 to 170 hands per hour. We must caution you if you do play mini-baccarat at a fast pace that it is not the best strategy to employ. More often than not fast players tend to lose against the casino. Casinos are fully aware that the more hands that are played the house-edge becomes stacked against the player.

Our advise to you is when you play baccarat take your time and don’t rush your hands! The casinos are experts at speeding up a game. Once the game speed increases your chances of beating the casino flies out the window.

Play Wisely

Play aggressive! You’ve most probably heard the old saying that the best form of defence is attack.

  • Start alternating your bets. How does it work? Once the first two hands appear wager on the hand that precedes the last one.
  • It is important to play with confidence. Research indicates that players who wager with confidence have a better chance of beating the casino than those who don’t. Having said this it is imperative you know the game’s basic strategy and that you discipline yourself when it comes to your bankroll.
  • Always remember as a casino game baccarat is based on smart play, money management and patience. 

Follow Your Own Rules

It is very easy to say that you’ll walk away from the tables especially when the chips are down. The sad truth is very little players do. They keep on pounding away at the tables, whether it is pulling the hands at the slots or trying to beat the dealer at his own game.

Being able to walk away under any circumstance, winning or losing plays an integral part at being a successful gambler. Even the consummate professional has a couple of losing streaks or bad sessions. The reason why they keep on bring the dough home is their ability to call it quits when they’ve hit a bad streak.  They have control and control is something every gamble needs to have in order to become a winner.

In itself Baccarat is a fast-paced game. To be honest it is easy to get lost in the flow of the game, especially if it is a virtual one. One must continually fight the urge easy access sites offer us: convenience. Although Baccarat offers a good return to the player it can reduce your hard-earned cash to a few coloured dots on the screen.

At times the results can be disastrous especially at the end of the month when your bank statement reflects a huge loss. That’s why it is so important to have a decent knowledge of Baccarat and sound money management techniques. Ultimately they can be a deciding factor in how much cash you win or lose. Good luck and see you at the tables!