Online Bingo Introduction
Bingo Giude to Online Casinos

Across the globe from churches to gambling halls and internet casinos, bingo is enjoyed by millions of fanatical players on a daily basis.

It has been a dominating force in the gambling industry since its inception in 1530. Appearing in children’s toys, board games and even as a theme for instant lottery tickets. With the growing fascination and the progress internet gaming has made it wasn’t long before bingo lovers started playing this game at their favourite internet casinos. Internet bingo is a simple, fun and convenient form of a casino game whose popularity has grown in leaps and bounds the last few years.

Basically there are two types of online bingo gaming: single-player and multiplayer bingo.

Single-player bingo is similar to Keno; players purchase a bingo card with a set of numbers on it, ranging from 1 to 80. As the game progresses, numbered balls are selected by means of a random number generator (RNG), this guarantees a random outcome for any event. In the event all the numbers on your card have been selected, which is to say your card is “complete” you’re a winner! If not a new card could be purchased. The faster the card is completed the more cash is won.

Multi-player bingo is where players compete against each other to see who can complete their respective cards first. Generally speaking the set of rules for multi-player bingo don’t vary from those played across bingo halls in most countries. After a brief registration players will either buy or receive a bingo card or cards on which a series of numbers are arranged in columns or rows.

The object of the game is to match the game pattern from the numbers that have been drawn arbitrarily. As the numbers are drawn, players will utilise their “Mouse” to click on the square that matches the selected number. Once the box has been clicked on the virtual card the area will either change colour or be marked with a coloured circle. Once the game pattern has been matched, players click on the “Bingo!” button to proclaim that they have won. However, the nature of the internet casino wagered at will determine the player’s winnings. For example, at some internet bingo halls a winning card is translated into points that could be redeemed for prizes such as a trip to Las Vegas, electronic equipment, or jewellery.

At other online casinos winning cards are normally paid off with cash prizes of differing denominations. Ultimately speaking it’s up to the you to decide which type of prizes you are comfortable with and the online casinos you choose.