Poker players play a different kind of poker at internet poker sites as opposed to the poker played at land-based casinos. When playing against other players online here are some useful tips:

Fast-play strong hands pre-Flop. When wagering online betting too fast can be a sign that your opponent is bluffing. If you’re playing Texas Hold’ Em use it to your advantage. By betting high pairs and other strong hands you lure players with moderate hands to bet more by increasing the pot, and at the same token discouraging players with weak hands from seeing the Flop.

Be careful of sequential or suited Flops. Most players play like playing connectors irrespective of position and pre-Flop betting actions. If the Flop comes 5-6-7 or some other sequence, watch out for a Straight because it can easily turn your pocket Aces into a losing hand. In addition be on the lookout for Flops that contain two or three suited cards, since the majority of internet poker players will hold any two suited cards no matter what the situation might be.

Don’t be too over eager when you bluff: Since your opponents can’t see you, it is easier for you to bluff as there are no physical tells than can give your game plan away. Play an Ace after a poor Flop. Semi-bluff that open-ended straight on the table. Start playing aggressively by exploiting your opponent’s weaker hand.

Play the high end of the straight. If an unsuited 7-8-9 flops, and you’re holding the 10-J be on the lookout for the heavy bettors who are bluffing at an inside straight draw (holding Q-J) or are holding a low straight, 6-5, and keep raising them. If they do hold the low straight, since online players favour connectors it will be difficult for them to fold.


Let them see your bluff. Whether you’re playing the hand or not, be observant about each and every action taken by your opponents. Internet poker rooms provide a “notebook” into which you can type your observations and you could refer to them for later perusal. It’s ideal to record player actions and responses to certain situations, how regularly they bluff, whether they are weak or tight, in other words anything that will give you an edge should play against them again.

Think of playing as the opposite sex. In a real card room everyone can see you. The same can’t be said for an internet poker room, and some players both male and female take full advantage of this. For a male player, by choosing the female avatar you can occasionally take advantage of the stereotype that female poker players are not as aggressive since they don’t bluff that much. For female players, by selecting the male avatar they project a more forceful and imposing table image.


What is phishing? It is a method used to obtain a player’s password to his/her online poker account. The victim will receive an email claiming to be from the poker site’s customer support. The player will be given some spurious reason to contact them. The victim will be directed to a web page where he must type in his username and password. The cheater now has the player’s login details to his account and can now bet with the funds in it. 

Government agencies and poker sites are working hard to combat this fraud. Luckily most poker sites quickly pick up on this type of fraud and notify their members immediately by email. If you receive an email claiming to be from the poker site, do not click on any of the links posted in the email. Rather go directly to the site and login from the site’s home page. If you suspect that you have received a phishing email report it to the site.

We trust that the above internet poker tips will stand you in good stead. Always remember; take your time and don’t rush your poker hands.