Roulette strategy, tips on improving your roulette game strategy.
How to play Roulette online

Let’s make something very clear first as to avoid any confusion concerning the roulette wheel.

Unless the roulette wheel is biased (highly unlikely since most reputable internet casinos get audited on their software), no conjecture can be drawn from previous spins of the wheel. The wheel simply does not “know” which numbers it has spun previously and it certainly does not know which numbers will pitch in future.

No predictions can be made based on previous results; each spin is entirely independent of the previous spin(s). For this reason no technique or strategy has advantage over the wheel. There are tales of a man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo, because he noticed a biased wheel and was able to exploit it. There are players who have “developed” systems to break the house at Roulette. Again, let’s be honest: this has never been done!

The laws of probability are frequently rolled out when it comes to roulette. For example; if the wheel has spun eight black numbers in a row, is it more likely that the next number would be red? The answer is No. If the wheel lands the number 27 three times in a row, is there a worse chance that 27 will appear again? No.

What most players misunderstand about probability is the length of time over which it is measured. Let’s give an example. A coin tossed in random fashion, a 50-50 bet. Let’s toss the coin ten times and see what the result is. It may be five heads and five tails. But, equally, it may be seven heads and three tails. Does that make it more likely that tails will occur subsequently? No.

So when internet casinos show you the previous 20 or 30 spins, they do it merely for entertainment. Then again what occurred in the next 20 or 30 spins has entirely no relevance to what might happen next. In line with this, we’ll use an example which happened at a land-based casino in Estoril, Portugal.

A roulette wheel had spun 13 consecutive red numbers in a row. Crowds of gamblers were piling the black number box high with chips. These players were under the impression since the ball landed 13 times in red; it was now more likely than 50-50 (minus the chance of the ball landing in the zero) that the ball would land on a black number. The fourteenth spin was a red number and a huge groan went up from the crowd. Many players doubled their bets on black, which surely now must appear. The fifteenth spin was red too! 15 Spins in a row is very rare at any casino, but it is possible. Many players lost their entire bankroll just on those three bets, so convinced were they that the odds had turned in their favour.

On the seventeenth spin a black number appeared and those players who were tenacious enough rejoiced that their “strategy” finally paid off. We hope you can see that there is no strategy involved with roulette; it’s a massive adrenalin inducing-game. The burst of excitement is what makes gambling so addictive and roulette holds a very powerful grip on those attracted to an adrenalin high. Gamble wisely and safeguard your bankroll!

Herewith our simple betting strategy for Roulette

  • Only play at table with a single zero. Avoid wheels with 0 and 00
  • Bet on even-money wagers (Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18/19-32) if the casino offers half your stake back if you hit zero. This reduces the house edge to 1.35 percent.
  • If you have to bet on numbers, restrict yourself to only a few different numbers per spin. Even if you win a bet on one of them, you lose your chips placed elsewhere.
  • Keep betting the minimum amounts until you win. Increase your stake a little and continue doing so until your winning streak ends.
  • The law of averages does not apply over a couple of sessions in any internet casino. It may not even come close to expectations within a lifetime of spins. Past results on a roulette wheel has zero influence over future ones.

Roulette Betting Systems

When a casino game has a built-in guaranteed house edge, it makes no difference what system players make use of. Scientifically it cannot help you-to increase or decrease your bets at any given time, not to change which numbers you back. There are many books which recommend betting systems for roulette; in short this is unadulterated lying. All betting systems have one thing in common and that is to ruin the player and to top it all there are many internet casinos offer betting advice to players on how to beat roulette. Avoid internet casinos such as these at all costs, they’re probably rogue casinos!

Do not be seduced by anyone telling you how to beat roulette by making use of betting systems. You cannot beat this game, unless you are just plain lucky. If anyone claims to have a betting system that makes money, always remember if it’s too good to be true-it’s not true.