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Red Dog Guide to Internet Casinos

We haven’t seen Red Dog or similar casino games offered at land-based casinos, but it is offered at a number of online casinos. In case you find this casino game in your local land-based casino here is a brief run-down on some of the key elements you should focus on.

Red Dog offers the player a decent bet; it can only stand you in good stead to know the correct strategy.

The Table

Red Dog is played at a standard Blackjack-style table. There is no advantage to any seat position.

How to Play Red Dog

Using anything from one to eight decks, you place a wager in the betting circle. The dealer places two cards face up in front of him. The majority of casinos play that a ten card is worth 10, a Jack is worth 11, a Queen 12, a King 13, and an Ace 14. If these two cards are consecutive values (9, 8, or Q, J), the hand is a stand-off.

Should these two cards be a pair, the dealer produces a third card. If this card matches the pair (forming Three-of-a-Kind), the player is paid a Trips Bonus at 11 to 1. If the third card does not match the first two, the hand is a stand-off.

If the two cards do not form a pair and are not consecutive, the dealer then announces the size of the “Spread”. This figure is the number of cards that fall between the two cards dealt. For example, if the first card dealt is a 3, and the second card dealt is a 10, the “Spread” is six.

At this point you may choose to make an additional wager, of the same size as your original bet (some casinos allow you to bet a proportion of your original bet). You may also retain your original bet, but you may not remove it.
A third card is now turned over and if it falls between the values of the first two cards, you are paid a “Spread Bonus”:

  • If the spread is just one card, the Spread Bonus pays 5 to 1
  • If the spread is two cards, Spread Bonus pays 4 to 1
  • If the spread is three cards, Spread Bonus pays 2 to 1
  • If the spread bonus is four cards or more, Spread Bonus pays even money 1 to 1

Playing Strategy

The good news is that there is only one simple playing strategy in Red Dog. Never increase your bet unless the spread between the first two cards is seven or more. All other spread offer poor odds to make increasing your bet the correct play.

The more decks used, the lower the house edge, so be on the lookout for six- or eight deck games and avoid one- and two-deck games. The edge for the house on a six-deck game is more or less 2.8 percent.


Red Dog is a casino game that has a solid house edge against you, therefore only wager small amounts for a short time. We recommend a bankroll of 30 times your base stake. Stop playing the moment you make a 50 percent profit on your original bankroll.

Betting Strategy

The key strategy here is to increase your bet only when the “spread” offered is seven cards or more. This gives you an edge against the house. Unfortunately, the chances are very slim that you see such a wide spread. Do not be tempted to increase your bet at any other time.

In terms of maximizing your profits, you might try increasing your bet a little after a win, and continue doing so until you lose a bet. However, with a 2.8 percent edge against you, we recommend the minimum bets at all times to help you stretch your bankroll a little bit further.


  • If you play Red Dog as far as possible wager low stakes only.
  • Increase your bet when the spread offered is seven cards or more; otherwise retain the minimum bets.
  • Should you manage to make any profit grab it and run for the hills!