To be honest if you’re in pursuit of making a huge profit online Sic Bo is not the game to play. It generally offers very poor odds, but it is something different and worth a try, even if it is just for a short session.

The key playing strategy like with Craps is to avoid the worst bets on the table. Since you are unable to predict the outcome of the next roll of the three dice (if you can contact us immediately!), it comes down to simple luck even if you generate a winning pattern of bets. However, whether you have any chance of beating the house will almost certainly depend on steering clear of the wild bets with a huge house edge and sticking to the simpler lower-odd bets, where the house edge is manageable.

Bear the following in mind when playing Sic Bo:

  • Bet on Big/Small results (and Odd/Even, if available). These only pay 1 to 1 but equally only offers the house a 2.8 percent. This is not dissimilar to an “even-chance” on the European Roulette table.
  • For a wilder, more risky bet try betting on Dice Totals of 9 or 12. These bets pay at 7 to 1, and offer the house the lowest edge any of these bets: 7.4 percent.
  • If you are playing in a casino, whether be it at internet casinos or a land-based casino and the casino offers 7 to 1 or 12 to 1 payouts for the same number appearing on all three dice, rather try betting on the Number Appearances layout. These pay 1 to 1 for one dice, 2 to 1 for two dice, and sometimes 12 to 1 for three dice. If this is the case the house edge is 3.7 percent. If the casino only pays 3 to 1 for a triple, then the edge rises to 11 percent and the bet is not worth the effort.

Avoid all other bets even if other players, dealers or kibitzers (unwanted advice or comments) try to convince you to play them.

Sic-bo available at Playtech casinos


Use a small bankroll to minimize your losses. If you plan to make a few bets per round, take a bankroll containing 40 times your stake. This means for $10 bets you would need a bankroll of $400. If you make a profit of 25 percent, get up, thank everyone, and leave the table. You have done very well indeed.

Betting Strategy

A casino game with a sizeable negative expectation like Sic Bo requires discipline. Stick to minimum bets; increase your bets only if you’re on a winning streak. Return to the minimum bets the moment you start losing. No tactics of betting will affect the odds against you when playing Sic Bo.


Sic Bo is a game to experience, not to play seriously with the aim of making money. Of course you might just be lucky, but the odds dictate that your luck will run out sooner or later. If you managed to procure a modest profit leave the table a winner.

  • Try the game since it differs quite a lot from other casino table games. It’s fun to play and to watch especially when Asian gamblers are playing it.
  • Play only the bets suggested in this article, which offers the house the lowest possible edge.
  • Do not be tempted to place bets on the biggest payouts-they carry the greatest edges against the player.
  • There is no current system that can beat Sic Bo. If you make a profit grab stop playing immediately.