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Thank you for visiting Cassaon-casino.com. We trust that you found what you’re looking for. If there’s anything we haven’t covered please drop us a note. Our site is still very much a work-in-progress and there’s always room for improvement. When you contact us ensure that you use the correct email address.

You’ll note that we cover in-depth reviews of the various casinos we’ve partnered with and informative gambling articles. In addition; we’ve interviewed various scholars, affiliate and casino managers, as well as the ”movers and shakers” within our industry. Our aim is to give our visitors an holistic view on the topic and not to ”sugarcoat” an otherwise vibrant yet unscrupulous industry.

If you’re an affiliate manager we advise you to visit this page first. If your program adheres to certain criteria please feel free to drop us an email.

As mentioned previously, we interview prominent members within our industry. If you believe you are any industry expert, we’d really like to hear from you. The interview consists of 10 questions. We require the following:

  1. Tell us in no more than 200 words about yourself and how you got involved in the online gambling industry?
  2. Send us a 200×200 picture of yourself which will be attached to the interview.
  3. Once the interview is up we kindly request that you link back to the interview from your site or paper to ours. 
  4. Unfortunately we are not interested in any link exchanges. Gone are the days where webmasters exchanged links. In today’s post Panda and Penguin world Google does not look kindly upon it. We also don’t take kindly to spammers.