Elimination blackjack is another popular blackjack variant. The interesting aspect about this games players still get to play against the dealer. Pay close attention because this is where it gets fascinating:

Should a player find his chip stack dwindling after hands 8, 16 and 25 is he/she is eliminated.

To add some sauce to the pudding, we’ve introduced something called a Secret Bet. Players are entitled to only one Secret Bet per round; this will permit a player to wager a certain amount of chips, without informing the other players what their bet is. To make the game exciting, an element of bluffing is introduced which is absent from the other variants of blackjack.

Elimination Blackjack Explained

Let’s assume each player kicks-off with a hefty bankroll of $25,000 in tournament chips. In the preliminary round $500 is the minimum bet.

Players will start with $10,000 in tournament chips at the final table (this is also the maximum bet). A $1,000 constitutes the minimum bet. A rotating market is featured in Elimination Blackjack™. Action will kick-off on the button and will take turns on every hand played.

Players will only have 25 seconds to make a choice. 10 Seconds will be allocated on Elimination Hands. Elimination hands constitute: 8, 16, and 25. Those players who find themselves with the smallest amount of chips are eliminated. Every player receives only one Secret Bet it could be utilised when needed. The purpose of the secret bet permits you to place your bet without displaying it to other players. The player who has the most chips after 30 Hands is the winner.

Rules for Elimination Blackjack

Tournament Rounds: Each planned Elimination Tournament will comprise of a minimum of two rounds, this depends on the amount of players. All tournament rounds as well as the finals will consist of six (6) or seven (7) players at a table; obviously this depends on the amount of players. The amount of rounds and players that progress will be decided after the registration closes and before the tournament begins.

Every Elimination Sit and Go Tournament table will comprise of six to seven players at a table, this will depend on the number entrants.

About Scheduled Elimination Tournaments: When the tournament is scheduled to begin, thirty is the minimum amount of players that must be registered to play in the tournament-otherwise the tournament would be null and void.

About Elimination Sit and Go Tournaments: This tournament will begin once enough players have registered. Elimination Sit and Go Tournaments will comprise of 7, 14 or 21 player fields.

Preliminary Rounds: Rounds that leading up to the semi- finals are Preliminary Rounds.

Semi-Final Round: Players will progress to the final table from the semi-final round.

Final Round: The concluding round is the final table for any tournament. In the event a player has the highest value of chips after 30 hands that player is deemed the winner or a player may be affirmed as the winner on condition that person is the last remaining player. Should there be a draw after hand thirty (30) a playoff is held to establish the winner. The playoff rules will decide the outcome of this play.

Players & Protocol: If a player wants to participate in a tournament they must show up prior to the beginning of the sixth hand or they might face disqualification. For every hand that is absent, the minimum bet will be set for the player and the player will stand on the first two (2) cards. At any time during the tournament, a player sits out more than five successive hands – that player would be eliminated.

Entry Fee: Varies from event to event.

Starting Chips: Any tournament round prior to the final round every player will be given $25,000 in tournament chips, $500 is the smallest bet and the highest bet is $25,000 in increments of $500. In the Final Round, each player will be given $100,000 in tournament chips and a $1,000 constitutes the minimum bet and the maximum bet a $100,000 in increments of $1,000.

Every round prior to the last round, every player will be given $25,000 in tournament chips, $500 is the minimum bet and the highest bet of $25,000 in increments of $500. The last round every player will be given a $100,000 in tournament chips and a $1,000 would be the smallest bet, highest bet a $100,000 in increments of $1,000.

Betting: In order to ascertain the betting rotation a marker would be utilised at every table. A random draw will then decide the seating position preceding the play of the first hand. The marker starts at seat 1 and will revolve one position clockwise around the table. In a clockwise rotation betting will take place starting with the position engaged by the marker.

It’s imperative that players bet in order. Every player must put their required bet prior to the start of each hand within the precise maximum value. If the hand is over, winners are paid by the dealer and the dealer will collect the cash from hands that lost. At the end of each hand, if a player possesses a total amount of chips lesser than the table minimum bet, then that player is straight away Eliminated from the tournament and not capable to contend in any additional hands for that event.

Dealing: From a 6-deck shoe the dealer will deal the cards will be shuffled after each hand. Both initial cards will be dealt by the dealer face-up to the players and the dealer will be given one card up and one down. All double-down cards and second cards on split aces will be dealt face-down. All second cards on any other split pairs will be dealt face up.

General Rules: The general rules of casino blackjack will apply. The dealer must explicitly hit on a soft 17 and over. Up to four hands players are permitted to split and re-split, excluding aces, which may be split only once and be given one card down on every ace. On any first two cards players are allowed to double down including after split. Available to players are insurance and late surrender. Should the player have blackjack and an ace is shown by the dealer, the player must be in possession of chips to make an insurance bet. 2 to 1 is paid by insurance and the player can bet up to one-half (1/2) their original bet.

Blackjack: The total hand value of 21 in the first two cards is known as Blackjack (“natural”). A player will be paid three to two (3 to 2) on blackjack unless the dealer has blackjack also, which will be regarded as a push. If the player splits a pair of aces or 10-valued cards and makes a two card 21, it does not count as a blackjack. It’s the player’s choice to double down on a blackjack as an alternative of taking three to two (3 to 2).

Player Time Limits: The hands played must be finished within the specified time limits. Players have twenty-five (25) seconds on any non-elimination hand. 10 Seconds are also allocated to players on any elimination hand (hand 8, 16, and 25) and on the thirtieth (30th) hand of the round. The secret bet does not prolong a player’s time. In the event a player does not place a bet within the specified timeframe, the bet will automatically be the smallest amount. Should the player not react on a hand within the specified time, the hand stands automatically.

Secret Bet: Every player has a choice of placing one “Secret Bet” per Tournament Round. If the Secret Bet is used for the betting segment of a hand, insurance might be chosen by the player and double down wagers or surrender and stand actions, secretly by choosing these options from the Secret Bet menu. Once the dealer has concluded play at the end of the hand, the amount of the Secret Bet and any subsequent hand playing action will be exposed.

Should a player decide he wants to split on a Secret Bet, the player must have an equal or greater amount of chips comparative to their original bet to split. Should players not have sufficient amount of chips to split, they won’t be given the option.

If a player decides to double down on a Secret Bet, the player may pick an alternative from the secret bet menu. The player may double for the table smallest amount up to the full amount of the original wager.

If a player desires to mask their game play on a Secret Bet by not taking any hit cards as being either a stand or surrender, the player may do so by denoting their choice of this alternative as selected from the Secret Bet menu.

Elimination Hands: Each Elimination Hand (8, 16, and 25) must be the product of one player being eliminated after the hand is finished irrespective of whether a player was eliminated on a preceding hand or if the player was eliminated at the beginning of an Elimination Hand for not making the minimum bet. The player eliminated is the one with the least amount of chips when the hand is finished. Furthermore, any player who does not have sufficient chips to make the minimum bet on any hand will also be eliminated.

NOTE: Should players tie for low on an Elimination Hand, those players are in contention for an advancing spot, a playoff will be held between those players to see who is eliminated.

Playoffs: At the end of Elimination Hands 8, 16, and 25, the player with the smallest possible total value of remaining chips will be eliminated. If two or more players are tied for the lowest total value of remaining chips, a playoff will be held. The amount of hands in the playoff will be equivalent to the amount of players tied at the beginning of the playoff.

At the start of the playoff, the players tied will begin with an amount equivalent to 20 times the value of the minimum bet. The first bettor in the playoff shall be the player who is naturally positioned to be next following the previous hand. If any player(s) are still tied for a low chip count once the playoff has ended, those remaining players begin the playoff cycle once more.

Once the playoff is done, the remaining player(s) will start the following hand with the same amount of chips they had prior to the playoff. Chips cannot be lost or gained by players during the playoff.

Prize Pool: The Prize pool will be decided based on number of entries times the amount of the buy in. The Tournament Director will decide the percentage paid to the various spots and posted in the tournament brochure at the start of the tournament.