Internet Licensing Authorities
Licensing Authorities

Every single gaming site must be registered by a national gaming authority. The majority of online gambling operators; this includes some of the major players within the industry are licensed in small offshore authorities.

The reason for this is not only for added tax benefits but also for regulatory issues. Herewith some examples: islands off the British coast, in the Caribbean, off North America, Malta and Israel. All could be utilised as the base for a casino’s online license.

In return for small monthly and annual fees these authorities guarantee the player that they will oversee the operation and ensure fair gaming. The question one has to ask do they always have the best interest of players at heart?

There have been complaints of national licensing authorities that have been very uncooperative and ignorant of their responsibilities. However, this does not always mean that internet casinos are duping their players. We suspect that some jurisdictions have employed incompetent staff that must run and operate a cash cow for their respective economies.

Can an RNG be cracked?

A prominent Australian firm that tests and supervises RNG’s for large gaming companies across the globe believes so. This same firm reported that the major players are in compliance with such requirements at all times and their software is well tested and periodically checked.

The Random Number Generators for internet casinos should be tested for compliance regularly. Many smaller online casinos at times have no license for their RNG. The bottom line is that the mainstream of your premier gambling sites operate well tested and maintained software offering players enhanced possibilities of winning and a fair game.

Rogue Sites

These are the operators who license their sites in Costa Rica. As a gambling jurisdiction Costa Rica offers virtually no player protection. As a rule of thumb we will not work with sites licensed in this jurisdiction. Reason being the last few years Costa Rica has become a breeding ground for rogue internet casinos. There have been cases where players have won substantial amounts of cash and these rogue sites refused to pay them.

Unfortunately there is no governing body to compel an operator to pay its clients. Basically Costa Rica as a gambling jurisdiction offers more protection to rogue sites than to players. Our advice to you is avoid sites that are licensed here.