In this article we’re going to take a brief look at the pros and cons of play-for-free internet gambling software. At times it can be a tad difficult to convince seasoned players to play free casino games. The idea behind having free games on a site is to enable new players to familiarize themselves with the gaming software of the internet casino first before playing for real cash.

As it is free games are not only for new players but for experienced players too. Irrespective of how many times you’ve wagered at internet casinos before it’s always a good idea to have some hands-on experience by trying out a new site’s software, since the gaming software of various sites differs substantially. However, this does not imply that free games don’t have their pitfalls; just like everything else in live they have their good and bad points.

Pros: Free Games

  • Test before you wager. Free games enable players to try out certain features of the internet casino before they register a real player account. It gives the player a good idea and feel of the casino’s software.
  • The more you play the better. It does not matter how good you are the more you practice the better you become. This principle applies if you’re trying out new strategies and you want to fine-tune your overall game play.
  • Trying out new games. If you decide to try out new casino games, it’s not only to your advantage but it also gives you a handle on how the new game is played. It’s also a cost-effective way to learn.
  • First time gambling. This last point specifically applies to new players who have never wagered at an online casino before. Playing the free games section of a casino arms you with the necessary skills to make the leap from real to virtual without any additional risk/s.

Cons: Free Games

  • Limited Variety offered. It so happens that the casino games you like are not always available for free-play. Some internet casinos only offer a limited selection of free games.
  • Limited level of interaction. You’re typically faced against the computer-generated-house in free play-as a result you might become bored quickly. If you want to chat or compete against other players your only option may be low-limit games.
  • Time consuming to download. If you download the casino’s software, it can take up to an half an hour before the software is installed on your computer. Once you’ve completed downloading the site’s software you realize that you don’t like the casino your about to wager at, compelling you to search for another site.
  • Unrealistic Game Play. Although free games are identical to real games, the opponents you face in a free game play context differs substantially when real money is at stake. For instance in an internet poker room when playing a free poker game don’t be surprised if nine out the ten internet poker players constantly go all in. It gives you a false impression of how players usually play in a real cash game.

Free games could be seen as a valuable resource for players who want to wager online, especially those players who spend limited time on the Internet. The quality of free casino games are not always up to standard on some casino sites, and they  differ substantially from the real deal leaving many players with a less than satisfied impression of the site. Despite its drawbacks playing free games is a pivotal step to safely enter the world of internet gambling.

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