Las Vegas
Fabulous Las Vegas land-based casinos

The last few decades has seen casinos pop up like mushrooms all over the globe. Once regarded as a menace they now play an integral role in shaping the local economies of the regions they operate in. When one thinks of casinos the first thing that comes to mind are mega-casino cities like Las Vegas and Macau.

For many years they have been a safe haven where punters can wager in a lap of luxury indulging in every decadent treat known to man. We're going to explore famous gambling cities like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and London. Not only are they superb destinations for punters but could be seen as the pioneers that forever changed the way we perceive casinos.

Las Vegas

It goes without saying that most people have Las Vegas or 'Sin City' on their bucket list. In our books Las Vegas is still the number one gambling destination to gamblers and non-gamblers. Those who have visited it describe it as a one-of-kind experience. It is another world altogether often described as a place where one can satisfy all the lusts of the flesh. You most probably heard the old saying before what ''Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!' To be honest we can't think of a more aptly saying that describes Vegas and its otherworldly delights.

First time visitors to Vegas must keep the following in mind. Even if you don't have enough cash there are many places that cater to tourists with a shoe string budget. You can hire rooms at the Grand Hotel for next to nothing and there are also cheap guest houses that offer bed and breakfast. Now that you've booked in you most probably want to hit the casinos. Suffice it to say Vegas caters to gamblers from all walks of life from your easy rollers to you medium and high rollers! You toss a couple of hotel names in the air and you decide to visit the infamous Bellagio!

Upon arrival you'll be greeted by a friendly doorman. Once in the casino you're gobsmacked by the amount of slot machines, table games and not to mention the bevy of gorgeous waitresses! You decide to try your luck with one of the one arm bandits. Armed with $100 and your lucky charm you decide there and then tonight is the night you're going to win that elusive jackpot! The sounds from the slot machines and cheers from fellow gamblers are simply intoxicating.

Since Las Vegas is slap bang in the middle of the Nevada desert it's quite hot for most part of the year. If you are the outdoors type that likes to hang around the pool side of the various hotels you can't miss the beautiful women sunbathing in scantily clad bikinis. A friend of mine who had the pleasure of visiting Las Vegas a couple of years ago phoned an Escort Agency. Long story short he said that the beautiful escort charged him a $1,000 per hour! Suffice it to say he said to me there's was absolutely no way he was going to pay this amount of cash for an hour's snooki and gave her a $100 as a courtesy send off. As you can see Las Vegas has all kinds of diabolical delights that's if you got the cash to unlock her treasures.

You can explore downtown Vegas which used to be called “Glitter Gulch”; it boasts old-styled casinos, slots that pay out regularly and decent bars to slake your thirst. You'll be struck by millions of LED lights that are flushed with cartoons and images paving the way for an eye-popping spectacle. Vegas is one of the few cities in the world where you can stay in one hotel and dine out at another. The most frequented places in Las Vegas are The Bellagio’s fountains, Paris’s Eiffel Tower, TI’s maritime extravaganza. You can admire all these visual treats from the street for free.

If you are into night clubs, the outdoor terraces high above the strip offer spectacular views for the price of a cocktail. Also, don't forget the areas surrounding Vegas such as the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Not only do they offer memorable excursions but they are relatively cheap to visit too. You can also play golf on some of the best designed golf courses on the planet. Las Vegas also sports theme parks which will blow your mind.

Tips When Visiting Vegas Casinos

Before you visit Vegas it's imperative you do some research first. If you like playing slot games use the Internet to find out which casinos' games offer the best odds, rules and payouts.

If you decide to paint the town red leave your credit cards and passport at your hotel. Only take a certain amount of cash if you decide to gamble. If you lose then call it quits. Do not let the casino entice you to wager more than you can afford to lose. Remember we are not talking about internet casinos that have self-exclusion options here.
If you are a medium roller split your cash into sessions.

If you plan to spend a couple of days in Vegas allocate a bankroll to each day. We urge you not be placated by the friendly hotel staff-they are not your friends period! They are after just one thing and that's your hard-earned cash. Be vigilant despite all the cameras at the casinos there are many pickpockets hanging around.

Don't set yourself targets you can't reach. Gamble for fun and soak up the atmosphere instead of chasing multi-million jackpots. If you are lucky and win a huge jackpot put 20% of your winnings aside. Once you've given 20% of your winnings back to the casino hire a cab and go back to your hotel room. Remember discipline is key here! Don't forget to tip the barman, bell boys and waitresses! Afterall Vegas is a tips town.

If you experience consecutive losses don't vent your anger on the dealer, the pit boss or even the cocktail waitresses. Always be polite you'll be surprised how far a this can bring you. Never try and cheat the casinos. To say the least in Vegas this is a very bad idea! They'll arrest you and throw away the key to the prison. Even if someone approaches you with the idea of cheating the casinos it’s a scam rather be safe than sorry!