State of Arkansas Online Gambling

The state flag of arkansas

Arkansas has a population of close to 3 million people and the state’s size is 52,000 square miles. The state is also known as the ”Natural State” since it’s home to 600,000 acres of lakes.

During the 1920’s up and till the 1960’s, Hot Springs had the largest illegal gambling ring in the United State. Suffice it to say it attracted patrons from all corners of the globe. Luckily these establishments are no longer in operation since they were a breeding ground for money laundering, prostitution and all kinds of petty crimes.

So What’s the Stance Toward Legal Online Gambling in the State of Arkansas?

If you have access to the Internet you can wager at a host of online casinos that still accept players from the United States. Bear in mind, that these sites are not licensed in the US but are licensed in other countries where gambling online is legal. Although, online gambling is legal in Arkansas the state has not regulated it yet.

If you want to gamble on casino games, horse and dog racing you can do so at two land-based establishments. To visit these casinos you must be prepared to do a bit of travelling since they’re quite far. If one takes the amount of games these establishments offer it pales in comparison to that offered by an online gambling site. It goes without saying why thousands of US punters prefer to wager online from the very comfort of their own homes.

Arkansas has a vibrant history especially when it comes to gambling. The largest land-based casino in the state, The Southland Greyhound Park opened its doors for business in 1955. Within a very short period of time it become the most popular greyhound track in the United States. The first track in the US, established in 1905 was Oaklawn Place. Here couples could dine and wine and play a few casino games.

Is Online Poker Legal in Arkansas?

If you’re an avid poker player you must take note that live poker play is not legal in Arkansas.

When it comes to the legalization and regulation of online gambling the government seems to drag its feet. The state’s lottery only saw the light of day in 2009. Presently there’s only two land-based casinos in Arkansas. They first is the Oaklawn and the other is Southland. During the early 1900’s these casinos had very little to go by, but as neighbouring states opened up casinos and competition increased they extended their gaming repertoire. If you visit these casinos today you can play a host of slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette and numerous other games.

Is Gambling Online Legal in Arkansas?

It depends on the type of game you want to play. Players who want to wager on race and dog tracks must be 18 years and older. To visit a land or online casino you must be at least 21 years old. If you intend of playing online please familiarise yourself with the legal side of things first. Even if an online casino accepts an 18 year old, you’re not allowed to gamble at one if you reside in Arkansas since the state says the minimum age to do so is 21. At this stage, Arkansas does not prohibit online gambling. The Department of Justice also ruled that the Wire Act no longer applies to online casinos or poker.

Future Prospects of Gambling Online in Arkansas

When it comes to the regulation of state-licensed Internet gambling there has been much speculation of late. The state is perfectly aware if properly controlled and regulated it can be an enormous cash cow since it can create much needed jobs and tax benefits.

The legality of online gambling in Arkansas depends on various factors. If neighboring states start to implement end regulate it, the state will be compelled to legalise it otherwise it will lose thousand of potential customers and revenue. Even if regulation doesn’t happen soon, players can pick and choose from many foreign-based gambling sites.

Important: Legislation of Arkansas is as constant as change. If you’re not sure about the gambling laws