This game is intended for players who enjoy the additional excitement of jackpots; Triple Seven Progressive Blackjack is a mixture of standard blackjack play with a side bet that makes players eligible for additional payouts, including a progressive jackpot.

Cards are dealt from a five-deck shoe (shuffled after each hand) and just as in conventional blackjack, players win by getting a hand closer in value (not exceeding) 21 than the dealer’s total. Players who enter into the progressive side game will receive supplementary payouts according to the following schedule: *Important, the below table is just for illustrating purposes only and might differ at various internet casinos.

Pays (Credits)
7-Single 7 dealt first
77- Two’s 7s, unsuited
77-Two 7s, suited
777-Three’s, unsuited
777-Three’s, suited
777-Three diamond 7s
Progressive Jackpot

When players receive any combination of 7s, the pay table will highlight your win and a blue label will be shown above the cards indicating the winning combination you have received.

Note; if a players receives two consecutive 7s in a hand and splits, the jackpot bonus drops to a value of a single 7 in each hand.