Repeat Promotions at Omni Casino

Repeat Promotions at  Omni Online Casino
Prominent Promotions at Omni Casino Repeated (Click Image to Visit)

The Omni Olympics Slot Tournament would have kicked-off this week at Omni casino but the operator decided to rather launch it next week.

The announcement in The Omni Times reads as follow, “Due to major announcements coming to Omni Casino next week, we have decided that the Omni Olympics Slot Tournament needs to be EVEN BIGGER than we anticipated!

Therefore, the complete details concerning Omni Casino’s LARGEST slot tournament ever will be presented in next week’s issue of the Omni Times. Trust us i’s worth the wait!” Run-of the-mill promotions and bonuses are on offer at Omni Casino so players will have a lot to keep themselves busy with. It appears that the Omni Casino players honeymoon with blackjack and roulette has come to an end. These two games were at the number 1 and 2 spots the previous week but this week they don’t even feature in the top 10.

On August the 14th the Sunday Rain promotion continues. On their first deposit made on Sunday Omni Casino will shower its players with a invigorating bonus. Up to a maximum of $100 the bonus will be 50% of the deposit. The 15th of August will be 5x Monday at Omni Casino. So far this promotion is well-liked by players hence the reason it’s been slotted into this week’s schedule. On Monday the 15th of August players will receive five times the normal Comp Points at internet slots and table games. Omni Casino states that for every $10 wagered players will receive 5 Comp Points as opposed to 1.

The Super Value Tuesday Bonus will be on offer at Omni Casino on the 16th of August. On the very first deposit of $10 plus up to $75 all players will receive a 166% bonus. At Omni Casino the Double Payout Blackjacks promotion was launched recently. Omni Casino On Wednesday the 17th of August decided to repeat this promotion for the third week in a row.

The first 15 hands dealt at single hand blackjack the natural blackjacks will pay 2 to 1 instead of 3 to 2. High rollers at Omni Casino who wager $15 plus for every hand will receive the 2 to 1 payouts for the first 25 hands. On the 18th of August, Thursday on their first deposit of $50 or more players will receive an amazing 133% bonus up to $133. On Friday the 19th and Saturday the 30th of August are the days for video poker players at Omni Casino. Up to a maximum of $1,000 players will have their  payouts doubled if  they succeed in landing a Royal Flush in hearts.

Playtech is the software provider for Omni Casino and is licensed in Curacao. We recommend the Omni Trivia Question to players who do not want to wager. This week’s question is “Which hotel did Benjamin “bugsy” Siegle first own in Las Vegas?” Eligible winners will receive a $10 slots free bonus.



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