Washington DC Passes Intrastate Poker

Washington DC could be the very first jurisdiction in the United States of America that will grant an internet poker license to internet casinos. Subsequent its budget measures which will permit lottery provider Intralot to add internet poker to its offering will kick-off on Friday.

The U.S Congress has the final say when it comes to the approval over the District’s laws, to address objections expired on Thursday, moving the federal cooperative ahead of New Jersey, Iowa, California and Nevada in the race to license and regulate internet poker within its jurisdiction. In 2002 Nevada promulgated a law that allowed egaming, although it did not impose regulations after the U.S Department of Justice (DOJ) said that federal law banned the operation of internet casinos.

According to Councilman Michael Brown, Washington DC’s budget provision made allowance for US$13m over a three year period it would US$4.3m in taxes per year. These provisions …

DC Legalizes Internet Poker Soon

The District of Columbia (DC) could become the very first jurisdiction in the United States to regulate and legalise online poker. Subsequent proposals to permit Intralot (lottery provider) to increase its offering has been included in the state’s budget.

On the 27th of January the full budget was signed by Vince Gray DC’s mayor, unfortunately there’s a twist in the tale and it needs to be approved by Congress first before it could be passed into law. The Lower House will decide tomorrow whether or not the proposal is accepted, if approved DC might win the race and out do Nevada, Iowa, California, Florida and New Jersey to regulate internet casinos which has the ability to generate in excess of US$13m in revenues by 2014, says Councilman Michael A Brown.

However, all is not moonshine and roses, Republican representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah stated last year that he would fight …

Poker’s Rising Star In Macau

Macau has been dubbed “The Vegas of the East” and poker has taken this new gambling Mecca by storm. Tony Hachem is presently on a high after landmark continuous victories in the PokerStars.net Australian New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) Player of the Year race, an accomplishment he’s very proud of, he feels he can still do even better at the tables in Macau and Cebu.

Macau is very similar to Las Vegas and is fast becoming a bustling metropolis where players who love gambling can revel in all manner of their favourite casino games.  It has a colourful history and repatriated back to China in 1999, apart from the casinos, what makes this city so unique is that it has gained some form of autonomy and has its own government as well.

A fascinating culture has developed under Portuguese rule, forming a fusion of the best European and Asian cultures-a …

First Canadian Wins WSOP

The first Canadian to ever win the World Series of Poker, is a 23-year-old college dropout from Quebec, to take home 8.9 million dollars in prize money pokers top accolade. Jonathan Duhamel, a native from Montreal beat out John Racener from Florida on Monday after 90 minutes of play, Duhamel was ecstatic and threw copious amounts of cash around as he won poker’s richest and most impressive cap.

He continued playing on Monday with a resounding six-to-one chip advantage in the No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournament; he stopped Racener from winning any big hands. “I’m literally the happiest person on earth,” said Duhamel, who was lifted in the air by members of his hometown along with friends and relatives. “I’m proud to be the first Canadian ever to have won this prestigious Poker Tournament and it’s an honour to me and for my country Canada,” he said.

The pair were …

Betsson Profits Increase By 22%

Betsson’s revenue is up by 22% in the third quarter in comparison to the same period the previous year irrespective the increase in marketing costs of 19%.

Based on its third quarter results, Betsson notified shareholders that its overall group revenue increased by 22% compared to 2009 the same period, rising to SEK 385.1m (£36.4m) from SEK 316.7m (£30m), while gross proceeds have risen by 19% year-on-year from SEK 253m to SEK 301.6m.

Betsson’s sports book had a bumper third quarter, rising 91% year-on-year from SEK 634.9m to SEK 1,215.7m.  The majority is thanks to live betting, soaring to 278% to SEK 733.7m from SEK 194.2m.  Casino earnings remained sluggish since 2009, a spokesperson of the company said, but still passed 57.7% of the takings for the third quarter.

Marketing expenses increased by 19% to SEK 124m in comparison to SEK 104.4m in Q3 2009, although CEO Pontus Lindwall did …

Never Cheat In Online Poker A Moral Story

It’s quite a while ago (2001) back in the day when internet Poker was still relatively new, a buddy of mine came over for the usual poker game and some bruskies – he made a rather disturbing revelation.  For the sake of confidentiality I’m not going to mention his name, let’s just call him “Jed”. Jed found a unique way to cheat at online poker, to top it all as time progressed he became very good at it by using a rather crude system.

Although I never tried Jed’s system, my career was on the up and success was knocking at my door, to be honest the online poker bug had not bitten me as yet.  I did spend a lot of time with Jed in those days. Over the next couple of years, I observed how Jed’s life panned out.

To start off, Jed was living the American dream. …

Poker 3™ New Face Of Online Poker

Poker 3™ the new face of online poker has finally arrived.

Poker3.com™, the world’s first and only Texas Hold’em heads-up online poker game is finally here. It features cinematic quality avatars with exceptional real life animations, it raises the game of poker to a new level. It is ideal for player from all walks of life. The Poker3™ software is developed by BetSoftGaming, the innovator and leader in cinematic 3D gaming.

‘We believe what Poker3™ is unique in all facets of the game’ says David Morgan, Poker3.com™ spokesperson. ‘This type of true to life 3D poker is the future of how the game will be played online. The user interface and game speed is specifically to create a thrilling poker experience for pro’s and novice players alike.’

Game rooms, IS set in an ambient environment, created automatically by the software, guarantees that tables are available at all times with the …

Phil Ivey Cracks Top Ten At BLUFF

When Phil Ivey enters a poker room people automatically focus on him, the eight-time WSOP bracelet winner snuck into the top ten of the BLUFF Player of the year race. A huge year for some poker players is just a break-even for Ivey, whose results for 2010 include a runner-up finish in the Aussie Millions High Roller event, a WSOP bracelet win, and a third place finish at the WPT Bellagio Cup. Irrespective of all the silverware, Ivey would need to more than double his points by December to catch POY leader Sorel Mizzi who is sitting comfortably with 1,473.07 points.

 Tom Marchese is second in the ranks and scored a few points for his final table appearance at the Empire State Poker Championship Main Event at the Turning Stone Casino. Marchese finished fourth in that event, which was won by Christian “charder30” Harder. Marchese pocketed over $30,000 in the …

Playing Poker:One Match At A Time

You’ve most probably heard the old saying before: “one match at a time”. Meaning you must block out all future matches, competition and external pressures to focus on playing the present match to the best of your ability. This saying also applies to an internet poker tournament. Much of today’s tournament poker strategy teachings are often misguided,  it can be just as easy for the new player to be molded into a narrow-minded, mechanical player as it is for them to accelerate their poker development.

Online Poker Tournament Strategy

The modern day tournament player thinks about when they look down at ten-eight suited with twelve big blinds on the button is, “can I move all-in profitably here?” Adopting this kind of thought process, which is preached monotonously on forums and in training videos alike, is a one way ticket to mediocrity and frustration. There are so many more important features to consider …

Tips For Internet Poker Players

Just as in Texas Hold’ Em and Omaha, Internet seven-card stud players often act and react differently than they do in the flesh.

Here are some helpful tips for surviving at the virtual tables:

Be selective, but work their impatience: Many online players enter into far too many hands than necessary.  Be selective about your hands, aggressively attack the weaker players that get involved too often especially in Texas Hold’Em.  By betting high pairs and other strong hands you ancourage players with moderate hands to fall into your trap and increase the pot. In turn this will discourage players with weak hands from seeing a cheap Flop. Beware of sequential or suited Flops: Many players play connectors regardless of position and pre-Flop betting actions.  If the Flop comes 5-6-7 or some other sequence, watch out for a straight because it can easily turn your pocket aces into garbage.  Be careful of Flops …