DC Legalizes Internet Poker Soon

The District of Columbia (DC) could become the very first jurisdiction in the United States to regulate and legalise online poker. Subsequent proposals to permit Intralot (lottery provider) to increase its offering has been included in the state’s budget.

On the 27th of January the full budget was signed by Vince Gray DC’s mayor, unfortunately there’s a twist in the tale and it needs to be approved by Congress first before it could be passed into law. The Lower House will decide tomorrow whether or not the proposal is accepted, if approved DC might win the race and out do Nevada, Iowa, California, Florida and New Jersey to regulate internet casinos which has the ability to generate in excess of US$13m in revenues by 2014, says Councilman Michael A Brown.

However, all is not moonshine and roses, Republican representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah stated last year that he would fight the legalization of poker online in Washington DC with tooth and nail; he fears that Washington might become the U.S’ “Mecca for gambling.”

Jeff Ifrah an attorney from DC informed Cassaon-casino the dollar figures might be inflated somewhat by those who are in support of the poker element of the budget. “To ensure player migration is one of the key elements that might be presumptuous,” he said.

“Pokerstars and Full Tilt are presently responsible for the bulk of the players; however the proposals put forward cater for an exclusive poker bill with one provider (Intralot) who’s more than capable to add internet poker to their repertoire of casino games.”

Should the budget survive at this point in time, there is still a strong possibility that amendments needs to be done to any bill to ensure that it’s compliant with federal laws. Therefore, the implementation of any new laws, especially when it comes to internet poker might still be a long time in the offing.



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