ChiliPoker Launches Social Media Integration

Chiliconnect is now live and it enables players to assimilate their poker account with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Players can now challenge other players, make bets to last longer and sell a share of their play.

Alexandre Dreyfus CEO of ChiliPoker said that interaction amongst players via a “buddy list” enjoys precedence over the social media aspect. It creates a distinctive selling point for one’s website, stating that “We invite players to wager at ChiliPoker because of ChiliPoker not because of iPoker.”

Dreyfus pointed out the importance of control within the internet casinos industry, he said: “Obviously there are other networks whose brand is more flexible than ours in terms of marketing however; we’d like to see ourselves not just as another iPoker site promoted by affiliates, but as an innovative site exploring new avenues.”

“Our poker client is the same all over and we control one of strong points when it comes to implementing new changes. I’d like to stress that Chiliconnect is ours, this pertains to future expansion as well.”

He continued, “A key aspect of ChiliPoker it enables players to communicate with one another and Facebook is only the beginning of fantastic things yet to come.” If players open the ChiliPoker client, they will be able to access their social media accounts via a sidebar and automatically connect to other players on the site. Chiliconnect enables a player to challenge up to five other players simultaneously to prolong bets. In other words, the last player standing in a multi-table tournament will receive a prearranged amount from every player participating. This is a key feature which incurs no commission or additional fees enable players to trade action via Chiliconnect. Players would be able to sell 40% of their buy-in here and in lieu the buyer will be free to the same quantity of any amount won.

In more ways than one this is the latest way in which an internet casino can exploit social media sites to its advantage. Bingo portal Bingobase increased its social media presence, while Zynga, which attracts millions of players via its poker app on Facebook, informed the media that it has recruited staff that will be responsible for PokerTableRatings. Bill Rini who previously worked for PartyPoker as a room manager had the following to say about Chiliconnect “this must be one of the biggest developments in internet poker in a very long time.”

He concluded that “for every single player that they sign up via social media will cost them a very small amount as opposed to acquiring a player by means of your conventional media.”

Presently Chiliconnect is only obtainable on ChiliPoker’s platform. Dreyfus said that it will expand into the French market soon and Italy is on the cards as well. So watch this space for further information on ChiliPoker.



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