eCOGRA Reports Lower Disputes

eCogra is an independent player protection body to the online gaming industry and its functions is the resolution of disputes voiced by players against online casinos.  eCOGRA released their statistics for the first half of the calendar year 2010, the stats  indicate a significant decline in the number of disputes.

From January 1, 2010 to June 30, 2010 eCOGRA has received a total of 376 complaints from online players.  eCOGRA mediates only those disputes that involve online casinos that have been certified by it.  Since 33 of the disputes concerned non-accredited operators they were not within the ambit of eCOGRA’s review. An additional 56 complaints were insignificant, abusive or anonymous and could not be dealt with.  That left eCogra with 287 valid disputes, constituting 76% of the total disputes received.  These were resolved by eCOGRA within two days and 47% of them went in favor of the player.

Compared to past stats, Fair Gaming Advocate Tex Rees said, “These numbers are similar, and in fact compare favorably with last year’s numbers, regardless of the fact that eCOGRA now has 11 more accredited venues than last year.” In the calendar year 2009 eCOGRA had received a total of 826 disputes of which 628 were found valid.  These fugures are more than double than that of the current half year clearly indicating a decline in the number of disputes by 9%. Rees ascribes this to a couple of reasons.  She said that eCOGRA certified operators have a number of policies and procedures in place that over time would lead to lower dispute levels.  She also mention that eCOGRA certified operators have been trained and motivated to settle disputes at their level, in turn this leads to fewer disputes reaching eCogra.

eCOGRA also gave a breakdown regarding the nature of disputes.  Cash-in problems contributed to 43% of the valid disputes, bonus issues to 21%, locked accounts to 21% and other reasons to 15%.  Percent wise there was a reduction in cash-ins and bonus issues as the reasons for dispute and an increase in the other two categories when compared with last year.

To conclude the report Rees said, “This level of performance is satisfactory and well within the ambit we have set for our operators. Viewed against the very high number of transactions these well established, tier one online gambling venues experience on a daily basis, the number of disputes continues to be significantly low.” The discerning player would have noticed that the percentage of disputes resolved in favor of the player has gone down from 48% to 47%, but this is too small to matter and does not indicate partiality by eCOGRA.



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