New York Times:Too Much Gambling Not Good

The New York Times recently reported that the Industry is to be blamed for Game Stigma. Adults from al walks of life spend time gambling-strictly speaking the industry must look at better marketing campaigns for online games and gambling.

What are the reasons for the stigma associated with gambling and sex? In the past religion played a fundamental role as most cultures were controlled by the church.   Make no mistake religion has it’s place in society. Preachers consider you as an outcast if you don’t comply to church rules and principles. They would constantly preach that a tenth of your income belonged to them, when failed to do so, you’re in danger of becoming ostracised or even hell fire.

How would most people find jobs to support their families? The answer is quite simple, they became entrepreneurs and start making money with games, gambling and sex. Since they’re already outcasts from their society, it doesn’t matter how their money is generated. Strange enough, some church members are hypocrites and would pay for gambling services whilst not being seen in the public eye and in turn would advice their members to steer away from people who enjoy and participate in gambling. Modern churches have become prone to preaching the so-called “prosperity gospels”, the more you give the more you’ll receive. Thus lining the pockets of some very wealthy and affluent pastors-next time you go to church do yourself a favour and have a look at the type of cars they drive…

Gambling as a whole is thousands of years old, if one looks at the gambling industry today it has evolved in leaps and bounds and generates millions of dollars per annum-it could be seem as a contributing factor toward the welfare of some societies. Take the native american Indians for example.  In the past gambling and sex were locked into the other. Unfrotunately, if any gambling business is not governed properly it can have a severe impact on certain individuals, i.e people who’re addicted to gambling etc.

Prostitution and adult entertainment are no longer considered to be part of one another.  In recent years these two seperate industries have taken off on their own and could be seen as independent. Modern day gambling is entertainment for all, this includes the family as well. One can book a suite for the night at one of  the posh Vegas hotels and the world is your oyster. Modern day casinos offer a vast array of entertainment for children, while mom and dad take can try their luck at the various casino games on offer in pursiut of that elusive jackpot.

Unfortunately the stigma remains, modern gamblers are perceived as being part of adult entertainment of the sexual nature. How does one get rid of this stigma? In truth it starts with the gambler, I’m sure that the majority of gamblers out there are happily married blokes who enjoy the fun and adrenalien of gambling as opposed to the quick sexual fling on the sideline.

Gambling addicts are now taken care of by casinos themselves, who have the proper programms and systems in place to rehabilitate such an individual. Ultimately it’s the individuals choice whether he or she wants to gamble or not, no casino is going to force you to gamble. Most gambling vendors endeavour to follow sound business ethics today. Be it land based-casinos or online gambling sites the Gambling Industry has come a long way and could be regarded as a safe and fun environment where players can interact with fellow players and staff alike.

With regard to the above, in life everything should be done in moderation and not overdone be it eating, playing or even gambling. You have to find that elusive balance.



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