Portal Casinos Add Value

An extraordinary by-product of the internet industry is gambling portals, it functions as doorways, starting points for gamblers in pursuit of online action.   But while many view them just as a quick way of finding a site. The truth is that they offer more than just a simple stop over on the way to a casino. They are in fact a vital resource and a link to vast amounts of useful and often crucial information geared toward gamblers.

Portals and More Portals

Although the definition of a “gambling portal” has come to signify any site that has to with online gambling, the truth is that portals often differ in terms of their purpose and usefulness to the online gambler.  Some go to great lengths to support even the most exotic wagering fetish, whereas others focus entirely on a single avenue of the gaming industry.  Despite their fundamental differences most true gambling portals adhere to at least a basic outline when it comes to their content.

Common portal features

  • Articles/colums: Expert ideas and opinions often draw visitors, most portals offer professionally written articles on a wide variety of gambling topics.  For general portals, these include almost anything within the ambit of gambling, such as casino games, poker, sport betting, bingo, blackjack, etc.
  • Links to gaming sites: Most portal internet casinos derive their income from driving traffic to advertisers or affiliated gaming sites, they’ll almost always provide links to their clients via banner ads and text links.
  • Reviews: Most gambling portals offer a casino review section on their sites to the casinos they’re affiliated to.  Although these are sometimes helpful, don’t put all your faith in theses seemingly unbiased critiques.  More often than not, they will have a positive slant toward their own advertising sites and can be misleading.
  • Free games: Getting players through the door is tough, but getting them to actually download/install the casino software and start playing is even tougher.  As such some games offer a “Free Games” section whereby visitors can try out the gaming software at no risk.
  • News:  Most quality sites keep a constant stream of daily news specifically targeted for gamblers and to keep them updated on a regular basis pertaining to the gambling industry.
  • Tournament listing: Tournaments are always popular among gamblers and some sites enjoy sharing such information with their patrons.
  • Jackpot trackers: Jackpots and progressive games are very popular with gamblers, some sites offer jackpot trackers that provide real-time listing of the biggest jackpots available.  These listing are generally broken down according to games and in some cases by software provider.
  • Travel information: Although this feature is not that common, some portals do offer it.  Just in case one of their players wins that elusive jackpot and wants to unwind and spent their new found cash in some exotic destination.  They can also provide information on travel to famous land-based casinos such as Las Vegas or Sun City in South Africa.
  • Traditional casino/gaming information: In an effort to maximize their coverage of the gambling industry, portals provide information on upcoming event such as: shows, tournaments, recent jackpot winners and room deals.

The above mentioned features outlines many of the key elements common to gambling portals.



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