Internet Gambling Gambling Etiquette

Although gambling over the internet is different than traditional gambling it’s important to maintain a proper composure-especially if you’re playing in multiplayer games where you’re competing against other players. Keep the following principles of online etiquette in mind whilst playing:

1. Know the game before you play: Nothing is more frustrating to a gambler than waiting for another player to react. Have a firm understanding of the rules before engaging in online play whilst other real players are involved. If you want to learn the basics of the game through experience, do so in a single-player (solitary setting) setting.

2. Don’t let the action at one time table interfere with another: In some forms of online gambling, such as poker, players can get  involved in several games simultaneously. That’s fine. But don’t overextend yourself and play too many tables at once. Not only does this have a an undesirable tendency to hurt your own chances of winning, but also interferes with the flow of several games.

3. Refrain from chastising other players for poor or incorrect plays: Not everyone is a master strategist or gambling pro. If another player at the table makes a mistake or a bad play don’t berate him even if you feel his/her actions hurts the table. Not only is this bad sportsmanship, but it’s sure enough to earn you a few enemies at the table and make you a likely target for any criticisms from your own mistakes.

4. Lose gracefully: When you lose, you lose. Whether it’s because of a bad beat in poker or simply because lady luck has opted to shun you for a while, try to remain calm.  Ranting and raving over your bad luck won’t change the cards.

5. Don’t gloat when you win: Just as you shouldn’t get  upset when losing, try to refrain from gloating when winning. It can be annoying and even insulting to other players whose luck may not be as good as yours.

6. Don’t look for sympathy: Just because you’ve hit a losing streak, don’t complain endlessly about your misfortunes. Nobody cares.

7. Wait to verify that your” Away” designation is active: In some online gambling settings whenever a player wants to take a short break without quitting the table, there is an “Away” sign that allows him/her to sit out a few hands. If you utilize this feature, wait until the start of the next round. Occassionaly players will still be “live” for the next hand even after selecting the “Away” causing the entire table to wait needlessly.

8. Don’t ask for any player advice: If you have a tough decision to make, don’t ask for any assistance from other player/s. Such actions signal inexperience and can lead to animosity should the suggestion result in failure.

9. Remove distractions: Avoid watching television, lisitening to music, checking your email or any other distraction that can slow your play and irritate the other gamblers.

10. Mind the weather: While this may seem a bit daft, always familiarize yourself with the local weather forecast before you start playing online.  Foul weather can affect your connection it can make your play slow and choppy. It it is frustrating to other players or may sever your internet connection or even damage your computer.

Hope the above etiquette helped.  Happy gambling.



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