Payout Percentage Explained

Before you register an account with a casino have a look at its average payout percentage first. We endeavour to provide the payout percentage of each and every casino we’ve partnered with.

Online casinos normally indicate their payout percentage on their website’s home page. Make sure that a reliable and unbiased third party has verified the casino’s payout percentage. Audited payout increases the sites’ trustworthiness which creates an atmosphere of trust. Among internet and land-based casinos the calculation of payout percentages is relatively similar. In contrast, land-based casinos sometimes offer players worse odds than those offered by internet casinos. Software regulations, the probabilities on hand, payout ratios and gaming standards are ‘just’ some of the issues that a player must take into account.

Microgaming, Playtech and Realtime Gaming (RTG) are the premier gaming vendors. They offer free downloadable software and their software is utilised by the majority of operators. The vendor uses intricate mathematical algorithms created by random number generators (RNG’s) to create a completely impartial result for games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, slots machines and craps.

The percentage of cash that is paid out by cyber casinos to its winners is known as the payout percentage and should be made available by the casino. For example, when 95% of the joint total of money bet gets paid to winners, then the casino’s payout percentage is 95%. In other words the operator retains 5% of all bets made. Game-specific payout percentages’ results are made available by the casinos too. An operator’s listed payout percentage must be reliable and it must reflect its actual payout ratios. Players must seek out the verification certificate on the site’s homepage and conduct a search at most affiliate forums to corroborate its authenticity.

Don’t be fooled, make sure that a reliable and independent third party such as PriceWaterouseCoopers, eCogra or the Online Players Association has verified the credibility of the operator’s payout percentage. It’s important that the internet casino you are wagering at adheres to a reliable and truthful payout percentage. Its arbitrary outcome should always be based on authentic RNGs and the casino must offer evidence that it received a certificate from one of the aforementioned organizations.

What Entails a Decent Payout?

How does one describe a good payout percentage? This is not a straightforward question to answer. A single month’s payout percentage offers little help and little or no valuable information for analysis. Payout percentages can be deceptive and can be exceptionally high simply because of some anomalous jackpots that were higher than usual as a result of the arbitrary nature of the games.

Sites should analyze their payout percentages over a period of six months, it’s a far better gauge and a more trustworthy indication to potential players of what the ecasino has to offer. We feel that payout percentages of 96.5% or higher are satisfactory. In this scenario, the casino keeps an average of 3.5% of all bets combined imitating payout percentages of land-based casinos.

See below the average payout percentages of internet casinos over a 5 year period for different games:

Games Payout percentage
Roulette 97.48%
Blackjack 98.56%
Slots 96.06%
Video Poker 98.46%
Caribbean Stud Poker 97.15%
Other games 97.62%

Gambler’s Ruin

This name at times is tied into payout percentages, better known as ‘gambler’s ruin’. Simply put, when a player lost all his cash and can no longer continue gambling, he/she has reached ‘gambler’s ruin’. In fact it is rather complex, especially in terms of percentage calculations.

To be honest all casino games have a “slight” house advantage. This is best explained by the amount of cash each casino expects to retain from each game played over a certain period. The longer a player plays, he/she will stand a higher chance of reaching the house ‘edge’.

Herewith A Brief Explanation

Assuming the house advantage on a specific casino game is placed at 1% and a player starts wagering with a bankroll of a $100. In the event the player does not wager any of his accumulated winnings, theoretically he can expect to take home $99 of his original 100.

On a speculative basis; should the player continue to wager and use his/her winnings, at this point-$99, he would lose 1% on average for the rest of the games he plays and his winnings would go down to $98.01. This downfall will inevitably carry on until the player has no money left.

Operators that maintain regular renewal of their verification certificates and whose payout ratios vary from month-to-month indicates that they maintain a high standard and that they’re above board.



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