The beginning of the twenty-first century saw the United Kingdom move from a country with a conservative outlook towards internet gambling to one that has a liberalized stance on it. The UK government managed to properly legalize and regulate it and successfully turned it into the cash cow it is today.

Operators are welcomed in the UK, land-based casinos open far more easily, membership and registration requirements have all but disappeared. In the centre of London you can simply walk into a casino without any ID and gamble to your hearts desire.

Technology Can Have an Adverse Impact

As technology progresses, licenses for mobile gambling operators have been established, and television channels dedicated to encourage players to gamble are now flourishing. Is this a good thing? Not necessarily, since gambling has its worst effect on those from poor socio-economic backgrounds. It is imperative that online casinos must be properly regulated, perpetuate fair gaming and to make it a conscious decision for people to wager.

The fact remains that we now have casino channels broadcasting day and night, predominantly Roulette but also Blackjack variations, and Bingo-style games. More and more people are playing these games online and the average bet is increasing as players become familiar with gambling. In this article we’re going to briefly introduce you the various forms of hybrid gaming.

Live Television Hybrid Gambling

This mode of gambling combines live broadcast on a cable and satellite channel simulating a Roulette wheel. The actual result is defined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). A jolly presenter states when the table is open for bets, when the betting must end, and also announces the big winners. The end of the betting period is marked, not by the statement “No more bets”, but rather by the phrase “Table closed”. Strictly speaking if one sees a “table closed” sign you tend to walk to another one but this is the terminology used.

Each spin takes place at 90-second intervals. While bets are being placed, the presenter explains how to sign up with the associated website, how to place bets, and what the payoffs for each bet will be. Bets are placed via the website and the screen name you choose will appear onscreen with your bets and winnings. Occasionally, the presenter will mention your name; the overall idea is to make you feel part of a happy “gambling community”. However, as with all internet gaming, this activity is a solitary one, without the human back-up of a real community of friends, and the fail-safe advice than can sometimes prevent you from losing too much cash.

On the website for each of these channels is a fully-fledged casino persuading players to try their hand at other games, and not just those that are combined with the television broadcasters. The “wheels’ are at least single-zero models and there is no reason to believe that this style of gambling is any more likely to be “dishonest” than any other online operator. If anything, the fact that the games are broadcast should ensure that the RNG is licensed and up to date, and that the game is free from any interference. Since a minimum of 2.7 per cent is being taken by the house for every GBP 1 bet made, the channel is probably doing very well. Since the game played is nearly always Roulette, this is not necessarily always the best game for the player.

Live Dealer Casinos

Operators who promote live dealer games let off-the-shelf software run the entire operation. Lately the latest innovation addresses the concerns of honesty and reliability of the in-built RNG, by replacing it with a live dealer. In case of Roulette bets are placed online by placing chips via your mouse on the Roulette layout.

Instead of pressing an on-screen “Spin” button, when the betting has taken place the live dealer (appearing via webcam on your screen) announces that the betting is complete, and the spin will be made. The camera focuses on the live wheel, the ball is spun and the player waits for the outcome. The result is fed into the computer, if you win the programs pays you and betting for the next spins start all over again.

No RNG is involved. Players can see all the action of a Roulette game played out in front of them while hoping that the result is truly random and not at the mercy of some secretive computer software. Already, the idea is proving to be successful and popular. The downside is that operators must pay staff to operate the tables instead of benefitting from negligible staffing overheads. To be honest, players trust a human being far more than a hidden RNG.

Game designers are already working on other human/online interactive casino games. It seems that the rise of internet gambling will be tempered by the need to see humans in charge of the sensitive stuff.

Mobile Gambling

If you’re tempted to play online, mobile gaming has taken it to an entire new level. Casino owners would ideally like everyone to gamble every minute of the day and night. Truth be told, the advent of mobile gambling although very convenient cannot always be a good thing.

Even with improved graphics and an expanding screen size, the whole experience might not be as entertaining as playing in front of your computer. That being said, there is no reason to suspect that playing on your mobile telephone will be any more or less trustworthy than ordinary online gaming .After all, the software is controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG).

To most people television is considered a relaxing experience. We doubt that the increased stress levels of gambling on TV will be beneficial. Similarly, if passengers on the bus and train are gambling via their mobiles as they travel to and fro from work, not only do they stand a chance of losing their hard-earned cash, they might just irritate their fellow passengers.

Sadly, making money from gambling has become very easy for operators. It’s important that prospective players choose operators that offer the best customer service and powered by reputable softwares. The software must be audited regularly and the payout ratios for the various games must be posted on their websites. Don’t squander your bankroll with reckless gambling and don’t fall into the trap of spending more cash than you can afford to lose.