Paul The Octopus Dies

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup held earlier this year in South Africa octopus Paul has become a legend throughout the world.   This smart octopus correctly predicted the winners in eight consecutive soccer matches during the World Cup, thus making him a bookie favourite in betting decisions.

Sadly today heralds the death of Octopus Paul, he died at his aquarium in Germany leaving a legacy with thousands of sport punters who placed their bets and won big thanks to Paul.  However, this also focused unnecessary interest on the octopus in the billion dollar sports betting industry.

The last 20 years has seen, sports betting operations start-up all over the globe. The majority of these touting services boast of individuals who live in Las Vegas and Nevada made millions in their respective sports betting operations.  The top punters within the sports betting industry claim that they are still the best.

Sports betting received a bad name during the last couple of years since many bookies claim that their success rate is better than others.   Sometimes it so happens that they pretend to be naive gamblers but always succeed in making the right call whilst choosing games.

When it came to touting services Paul the octopus was top-notch and unrivalled in more ways than one.  He chose a winner by mere instinct and indicated to bookies that his eight out of eight was the best bet ever placed on in a major sporting event.

Some reckon had Paul wagered cash on his choices it might have been a different story altogether. Like most gamblers Paul would have changed his mind a couple of times before placing his bets, the net result might have been different had Paul been presented with more options in choosing the soccer winning team.

Alternatively, Paul leisurely swam around, went with his instincts and as they say the rest is history…so is Paul – pun intended!

2010 so far has seen bookies made gambling bets worth millions of dollars, whilst raking in the cash of their victims; Paul will be fondly remembered for his contribution during the FIFA World Cup and regarded as the all-time best by his fans.



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