Gamblers Want Mayweather Pacquiao Fight

Boxing promoters are desperately trying to make boxing more appealing to the U.S sports scene again. Floyd May weather’s verbal tirade on Friday may have provided hope for fans and gamblers longing for a show down between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

The two boxers used a number excuses over the past couple of years to avoid squaring off in the ring. First, Pacquiao is not prepared to undergo a drug testing before the fight. At long last, when he finally agreed to the concessions, Mayweather had other reasons not to fight.

After dodging Pacquiao, Mayweather added fuel to the fire which clearly indicates their relationship on Friday. A video has surfaced where Mayweather is verbally abusing Pacquiao and used racist slurs to drive his point home that he is the better boxer of the two. This was the latest in what has been described as a war of the words on Mayweather’s part; however, experts are of the opinion these two boxers may never end up in the ring.

Pacquiao is not fazed by the video when asked about Mayweather’s comments. Pacquiao mentioned that Mayweather’s rant was an, “uneducated message.” The video was displayed via Ustream, and further indicates the effects of social media and the impact it has in creating rivalries within sports.

If the fight were to take place between these two boxing giants it will most definitely increase this sport’s popularity once again, since its fan base is rapidly shrinking. Considered to be the two best boxers in the world, in the event they do fight each other, they will each receive a hefty pay check according to the pay-per-view estimated to be at more than $40 million.

Gamblers are very interested to see a fight of this magnitude. Boxing in years gone by was one of the most popular sports to wager on in the U.S, since Mike Tyson fell from grace the sport is slowly losing its appeal. Mixed martial arts, however, is taking over as the fighting sport of choice for many fans, who enjoy violent exchanges between two competitors.



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