69 Year Old Wins Massive Jackpot

CasinoEuro has added its latest instant millionaire to its list of instant millionaires! Monday was most probably the luckiest day in the life of a retired carpenter from Norway who won an incredible €4 million at CasinoEuro. The 69 year old man who won the jackpot by betting a meagre €30 is the third person to be made an instant millionaire by CasinoEuro.

Kevin Saliba, Business Area Director for CasinoEuro, was notified of the win only a few minutes after the jackpot had been dropped.  “I am incredibly happy for the winner’s sake and I wish him all the best and may he pursue his”. The jackpot winner is a retired carpenter from the Hamar region.  He won this incredible jackpot by playing Mega Fortune, where the lowest bet amount is just €0.01. The jackpot amount has been accumulating for a certain period now.

In an interview the winner said he only wanted to play some low stakes but opted instead to put €30 on Mega Fortune, everything happened automatically thanks to the auto play feature.  “All of a sudden the reels stopped and I had won €4 million. At first I couldn’t believe it and after it sunk in I called my wife, I nearly passed out said the 69 year old man”.

CasinoEuro firmly believes that this phenomenal jackpot win is just the beginning of the largest jackpots to come.  They hope that this recent jackpot win will encourage more groups of people especially the elderly to gamble more at internet casinos.

This is just one of the numerous jackpots that have been paid out by Betsson the last couple of years to its customers.  It shows that internet casinos such as CasinoEuro can make dreams a reality.  Magnus Silfverberg, Betsson Malta’s CEO and operator for CasinoEuro said that they are delighted on behalf of their Norwegian winner and congratulated him on his fantastic win.

The amounts of older players betting on their favourite internet casino games have increased substantially at Betsson and CasinoEuro.   When it comes to internet casino gambling the elderly are feeling more at ease attesting to an increase in the amount of registered players in this age bracket.

“It gives me great satisfaction to pay out such large wins and even more so when it’s an elderly retired person.  It is our wish that the retired carpenter and his wife will enjoy the money and his retirement even more”, says Kevin Saliba.



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