Gambling Domains Auctioned

A couple of online gambling sites have been sold for millions of dollars, therefore owners of domain names that are not in use have high hopes. Gambling Invest is a segment of Domain Invest limited and considered to be “the first marketplace for gambling domains” Internet auctions of gambling sites are held on a monthly basis. Its goal is to enable webmasters and internet gambling companies to scout for suitable domain names for their internet gambling sites”.

Gambling Invest will be auctioning off approximately 2,000 gambling domains. Domain names will cover all the most important sectors within the internet casino industry, the likes of sports betting, horse racing, poker and casino. Gambling sites will be sold by means of an internet auction. A couple of domain names have been recognized by Gambling Invest, they are:,,,, and

The founder of Gambling Invest Pierluigi Buccioli said, “Gambling domain names is an excellent choice of investment for investors who have long-term goals within the gambling industry. The demand and the price for gambling domains have increased the last few years in spite of the global financial recession.” He believes that if domain names are properly named it will gain the proper internet traffic thus creating a brand identity for the web site.

There are many investors prepared to purchase internet gambling domains and then resell it for a very handsome profit after a few years. The internet as a whole has become inundated by gambling websites and it goes without saying that the price for gambling related websites will increase considerably in future. Investors in all probability will then sell off these gambling web sites. Domain names are also purchased by web masters who then convert them into gambling sites and they sell them off to internet casinos. Buccioli added, “All this adds up, especially with the U.S contemplating the legalization of internet casino gambling again and a number of countries regulating their internet gambling markets to international competition, it’s safe to say that 2011 will be a good year for gambling domains.”

Online casinos are not the only ones hunting for domain names for their brands. A large proportion of the gambling domains for sale by Gambling Invest are appropriate for internet gambling portals as well. Internet casino affiliates and poker sites can design and develop their sites into competitive marketing brands. All domain names will be sold off via auction via the Proxibid platform from the 26th of January to 2nd of February 2011, for more information on the auction itself parties interested could visit Gambling Invest’ web site.



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